Costco: what are your best deals and products?

Costco, the favorite membership chain in the United States, has been offering discounts for purchases for decades, but its variety of products and offers is so wide that many times we have no idea what is best for us or not as consumers, that is what the portal proposed. 

The most convenient offers. In advance, the consensus on Costco products and offers ensures that discounts on kitchen products, alcohol, and diapers are adequate to buy in bulk. However, there are more treasures to discover.

  • The roasted chicken . This is one of the star products, it is always kept at the back of the store in the same way that its price has not moved from $4.99 in decades.
  • Costco Diapers. There’s nothing generic about this store-brand product (Kirkland), according to Collin Morgan, owner of The company is rumored to make its diapers from the same manufacturer as Huggies.
  • The Kirkland Batteries. These batteries – as they are called in some parts of Latin America – are made by the same manufacturers as Duracell, but at a much lower price.
  • Medications. Many medicines are cheaper than in pharmacies. Generic 30-day Zoloft or Sertraline can cost up to $12 elsewhere, but at Costco, a 90-day supply is $8, for example.

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Other products deserve attention such as cereal, vanilla puree and peanut butter. It’s also worth remembering that gift cards are functional at Costco because they almost always have a discount on everything.

The least convenient offers. These are items that specialists recommend skipping because they may not be practical or you may get better prices elsewhere.

  • Dried spices and fruits. The amounts per offer are not many and are not worth it if you do not consume them frequently or quickly. 
  • Canned . The brand does not matter, any generic in any store can have the same or better quality for a lower price.
  • Detergent . The offers for the large bottles are tempting, but the effectiveness of the products begins to diminish after six months of opening.
  • Unbranded appliances . In this case you get what you pay for. A $900 grill doesn’t work as well as a Weber, nor does it last as long.

You can also avoid products such as flour, soft drinks, coffee, dishwasher, among others that, due to their quality and abundance, may not be the most desired by an average customer.

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