Decorating a Modern Floor Lamp with Shelves


One of the great things about a modern floor lamp with shelves is its versatility. Modern aesthetics are accommodating and tend not to conflict with other design schemes, and since they have space for decoration, they allow enterprising homeowners to put their own slant on a setting.

These are some of the most creative ways you can fill the voids of a modern floor lamp with shelves.

● Candles and wax warmers
Modern lamps with shelves with shades are great focal points for candles, candlesticks, and wax warmers – just be sure you don’t light them!

You can, however, get an electric wax warmer and place that on one of the shelves – which offers function as well as form and will lend a pleasant scent to a setting.

● Flowers or faux-floral arrangements
Place a bouquet front and center, or make an arrangement of faux flowers whose blooms will never fade.

Placing them on the topmost shelf of a stand lamp will give them added visibility and offer bursts of color to a setting.

● Living plants
Many living plants will flourish indoors, such as select cacti, succulents, orchids, snake plants, and spider plants – to name just a few.

Also, plants liven up a space, add color, can regulate temperature and humidity, and even filter toxins, such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air.

Add that to your list of reasons to bring the outdoors in!

● Framed pictures of loved ones and memories
If you have framed pictures and nowhere convenient to display them, give them a place of honor on a floor lamp with shelves.

● Statuary, figurines, souvenirs, replicas, and more
Every house has them, most houses have no places to display them. Desk space is precious, but display shelves are literally made to show off the knick-knacks, curios, souvenirs, figurines, models, sculptures, and replicas you have amassed throughout the years!

● Vases, pitchers, bowls, baskets
The same exact phenomenon mentioned above applies to vases, pitchers, bowls, vases, decorative dishes, and other ceramic ware the predominant function of which is decorative.

Give them a place of prestige with a distinguished spot on a modern display lamp with shelves.

● Books and magazines
No bookshelves? No problem! With a few bookends, you can convert a lamp with display shelves into a surrogate bookshelf, provided the shelves are strong enough.

If you don’t have bookends, you can lay the books flat, which you can also do with magazines. It’s practical, space-conscious, keeps books close at hand, and lends a definite air of the academic to a setting!

Now You Just Need a Modern Floor Lamp with Shelves!
If you’ve taken inspiration from this post, all you need now is to get a modern floor lamp with shelves to make it happen!

Consider the ATAMIN Avery LED Shelf Floor Lamp, which is 5’3”, features an energy-efficient LED bulb with a linen lamp shade, and which has three shelves, each of which can hold up to 40 pounds!

Modern, sleek, stylish, and practical, it’s also made from high-strength engineered wood and finished with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, long-lasting UV coating.

It exhibits the sort of quality you’d expect from the heirloom future of the past – but in a modern package.

Visit and make one of these a fixture of your living room, office, or bedroom today!

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