How to Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence?

artificial intelligence and human intelligence

Intelligence is always counted, be it the human one or something that is created using artificial means. Human intelligence is something that allows humans to continue learning, understanding, and experimenting by solving problems with brilliant ideas, whereas artificial intelligence is about mimicking human brains using information posted by them on machines. It has been observed that if machines had also started working like human brains, lives would have become much better than before. However, this thing is somehow difficult as machines tend to make mistakes like human brains.

Though both human and artificial intelligence are meant to solve problems and strive to make lives better, they are quite different from each other in several aspects. Before getting into the differential characteristics between the two, let’s know a little bit about the duo.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is all about using technology in machines that think like human brains and can easily process the work that humans can do. It displays the work performance through robots that copy the activities of humans and are used in several areas, such as healthcare units, cartoon and animation worlds, etc. It is being used in several things around us, such as Google Maps, autocorrect, face recognition, etc.

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What is human intelligence?

Human intelligence is defined by the human ability to think and gain through comprehending complex ideas and solving numerical issues. It is taken as a remarkable thing as it conceptualizes feelings such as energy and inspiration to empower people so that they can solve complex psychological environments as well.

The difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

The difference between the two Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence can be understood using the following headings:


Human intelligence emerges with the intrinsic capacity to think and review, while artificial intelligence is made out of human insights that are generally based on criticism mechanisms.


artificial intelligence’s nature is to build machines that can mimic human behavior and carry out human tasks accordingly, while human intelligence is all about seeking new solutions using cognitive processes to solve new and different situations.


Human brain is analogous, while machines are digital.


to process artificial intelligence, AI-powered machines work through the data or instructions poured down into the machines, while in human intelligence, the brain uses the brain’s memory, processing power, and cognitive abilities to help in processing the functions.

Working speed:

when artificial intelligence is applied, machines or computers can process more data than anything else. The speed at which the data is handled is high. Human brains, on the other hand, are incapable of processing such a fast and high-volume task.

Learning ability:

machine work through the information fed and cannot develop a human-specific thinking process, while humans are prone to learning from their daily experiences and events that occur in daily life.


Artificial intelligence results are objective in choice as the outcome is based on the accumulated data. Human intelligence outcome is subjective as components are not based on figures alone. However, past experience also impacts the same.

The preceding distinction clarifies the distinction between human intelligence and artificial intelligence and presents results on things that are simple for the human brain but difficult for machines, and vice versa.

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