DocuTAP Vs AltaPoint EMR Software Guide and Comparison


This article will compare DocuTAP vs. AltaPoint EMR software to help you decide which one is right for your practice. While both have their benefits, there are some differences between them. For example, Altapoint has a different pricing structure than Docutap, which makes it more affordable for small practices.


When comparing Altapoint and DocuTAP, you should make sure to ask questions about pricing and monthly updates. You should also find out if you will have to pay for upgrades and technical support. In addition, make sure to consider if you want physician portals or multi-user charting.

Altapoint is an electronic health record software that allows doctors to chart their patients’ visits and create billing records. It also features a standard HL7 interface, making it compatible with nearly every EMR system. This makes it a great choice for practices using Practice Fusion or Amazing Charts.

DocuTAP is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution. It is 100% HIPAA-compliant. It has an enterprise dashboard, a web-based patient portal, and secure patient records. Its other features include practice analytics, billing, and revenue cycle management. It also offers electronic prescriptions.

It’s important to keep in mind the workflow of your urgent care practice when comparing DocuTAP vs altapoint EMR software. It’s important to choose an EMR solution that will streamline your workflow, reduce rejected claims, and accommodate occupational medicine visits. Choosing the right EMR solution for your practice doesn’t have to be a difficult decision – just make sure you pick one that fits your needs.


AltaPoint is an EMR software solution that offers a full set of features for managing your practice. The software helps physicians chart patient visits, create billing records, and manage patient profiles. It also provides an HL7 interface so it integrates with almost every EMR. It is a great choice for practices that use Practice Fusion or Amazing Charts.

AltaPoint is designed for growing practices and can support multiple specialties. It can be used for internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics. It also supports multiple-user charting and includes physician and patient portals. It also provides a range of other features.

Altapoint is a cloud-based electronic health record solution for small to midsized medical practices. It offers HIPAA compliance and digital signatures, along with interoperability with other EHRs. Altapoint is also a great choice for medical practices that don’t have a lot of staff and need a simple, yet robust electronic health record solution.

Aside from features, an EMR solution should also have easy-to-use online training modules for all staff members. These tools can save valuable time when onboarding new employees. This is especially important for urgent care centers, which have a high turnover rate. Moreover, their staffs often work on part-time or temporary basis. Online training programs should help users become familiar with the new EMR software, and should also include role-based training.

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DocuTAP EMR is one of the leading providers of integrated EMR and practice management software. Its features include medication history, benefits, and prescription routing. It also integrates Surescripts eRx services, which allow physicians to electronically access patient benefit information and track and manage prescription renewals.

DocuTAP has a range of features, and its pricing varies. There are monthly and yearly fees, and there are also costs for upgrades and maintenance. It also offers physician portals and patient portals. It supports multiple users, and is cloud-based.

Surescripts is a health information network that was established by the pharmacy industry in 2001. Its mission is to streamline the prescribing process by providing access to patient information during routine and emergency care. Its RxHub allows physicians to make informed decisions and eliminate the need to call pharmacies for prior authorization. Surescripts also offers real-time prior authorization. Its prior authorization feature integrates with 75 percent of provider EHRs, and is connected to 85 percent of covered patients.

In addition to its features, DocuTAP also offers practice management and EMR software. The software is focused on improving efficiency in urgent care settings, and adapts to any setting. Its fully integrated turn-key solution includes upgrades and support. It also works on modern tablets.

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