Gourmet Popcorn Vs Regular Popcorn: Which Is A Better Option?


Gourmet popcorn has grown immensely in popularity and everyone wonders why it’s different from the normal ones. Many people think that gourmet popcorn is just another way to sell overpriced junk food, but it is so much better than the normal ones. Gourmet popcorn tastes good and they are definitely the type of popcorn that is worth your money. 

People often misunderstand that regular popcorn and gourmet popcorn are the same. To help you understand the differences are set out below – 

What is Gourmet Popcorns? 

The main motive of gourmet popcorn companies is to make popcorn in different and innovative flavors. Gourmet popcorn & Unicorn Popcorn manufacturers are constantly trying to come up with new flavors such as jalapeno, siracha, caramel almond, salted milk chocolate, etc. Gourmet popcorn is made by carefully pocking each kernel so that the popcorn companies can deliver quality snacking options.  

What are Normal Popcorns? 

Regular popcorn is popped by putting it into a kettle along with oil or butter along with salt or sugar and heated up. After reaching the temperature of around 150 degrees Celsius, the popcorns pop because the water heats up and steam doesn’t have much time to escape which makes the popcorn pop. 

5 Key Differences between Gourmet and Normal Popcorn 

1. Quality of Corn 

The main difference between normal and gourmet popcorn is the quality of corn that is used to make them. The finest quality corns have 10% less kernel density than the cheap quality corn.  

To make their popcorn of good quality, gourmet popcorn is made using the finest quality corn. Most of the gourmet popcorn companies use fine-quality milling techniques for popping them together in one kettle so the popcorns get more surface area exposed to heat. 

2. A Healthier Option  

Regular popcorn is not the healthiest choice because of the high level of salt and sugar present in it. Regular popcorns have ingredients such as preservatives and high levels of salt/sugar content in them which can cause many health implications. 

 Whereas, gourmet popcorns have high amounts of fiber present which make it a healthier snack food option for people who are conscious of their diet.  

3. Wide Variety of Flavors 

Gourmet popcorns have a huge variety of flavors. Some of these flavors include cinnamon, jalapeno, cheese, salted caramel, chocolate, cheddar cheese, etc. These popcorns also come in a sweeter flavor so that you can match them with your favorite movie or game. 

From sweet caramel to savory yellow cheddar cheese you can easily calm down all your cravings with the help of gourmet popcorn. 

4. Careful Popping Process 

Gourmet popcorns are about 60% larger than their original seed. The reason why gourmet popcorns are expensive and better is that each kernel is carefully inspected and placed into categories and they are classified based on shape: 

The gourmet popcorn that has a shape of a mushroom will pop more around the edges because they expand outward from its center. Whereas, popcorns that are butterfly-shaped have straight sides with rounded corners because of which they don’t pop much. 

5. Perfect for Gifting  

Gourmet popcorn makes for a very good gift option because of its aesthetics as they look really good when you present them as a gift to someone. Gourmet popcorn can be easily stored in tin cans and can be gifted during holidays such as Christmas, or even at various celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, or corporate events. 


There is a number of reasons why gourmet popcorns are better than regular popcorn they do not contain any type of preservatives or any artificial flavor. Regular microwavable popcorn is loaded with preservatives as well as high levels of salt and sugar. Gourmet popcorns are clearly a better choice when it comes to snacking especially for diet-conscious people and because they are easily available at various quality popcorn store. 

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