Hack PS4: How to Hack and Jailbreak PlayStation 4?

Hack PS4: How to Hack and Jailbreak PlayStation 4?

Hack PS4: How to Hack and Jailbreak PlayStation 4?

Hack PS4: How to Hack and Jailbreak PlayStation 4?

Since the launch of the PS4, users of Sony’s most important eighth-generation console have enjoyed the benefits of games endowed with the best graphics thanks to its AMD Radeon 1152 GPM and also unsurpassed fluidity and quality.

However, the prices in terms of games and services offered by this console are for a reason why months after the PS4 was released, the so-called “hackers” are already trying to fully violate the security of the operating system on the console .

In the forums and websites of video game lovers it is said that this procedure has already been carried out by a “user” from the Pastebin service; announcing a Jalibreak for the console that works thanks to an “exploit” that is conditioned through a USB omitting the use of a chip or other hardware in order to read backups of their disks.

It is known that the operating system with which the PS4 works is a variation of FreeBSD with the name: “Orbis OS” which makes it similar to the systems we see on a PC and at the same time this feature makes it more vulnerable. The detail is that this exploit would work only with the consoles that have the first release firmware, that is, the “Day One”.

Hackers manage to hack the PS4 to run unauthorized games

The developers shared the file that violates Sony firmware 9.0. It has not yet been tested on the PS5, but they anticipate that it would also work.

Until the most critical moment for the Sony PlayStation arrived. Three hackers managed to hack the PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles through an exploit that will allow unauthorized applications and copies of video games to be run.

The jailbreak, dubbed “ pOOBs4 ″, was designed by developers SpecterDev, ChendoChap, and Znullptr, even though the vulnerability was discovered by Sleirgoevy.

The execution of the jailbreak requires that the PS4 has access to the Internet, in addition to a connected USB memory where a special file is loaded. Once open, you can install tools to modify the console, such as Mira Project or GoldHEN homebrew enabler.

The concern for Sony is that, according to Znullptr, the kernel exploit that this jailbreak uses on the PS4 should work for the PS5 as well. This is still an assumption because the hacker does not have a PS5 to test the jailbreak.

It was SpectreDev who finally shared the “ pOOBs4 ″ jailbreak with links to their official GitHub. It may be a matter of hours or days to find out if it also works for the new generation PlayStation consoles.

Si bien la ejecución de códigos personales en la PS4 se ha hecho antes, la novedad con “pOOBs4″ es que funciona con la versión 9.00 del firmware de Sony, implementada el 15 de septiembre. Las veces anteriores requerían de versiones mucho más antiguas.

PS PLUS | Juegos gratis para diciembre

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  • LEGO DC Super-Villains  (PS4): an adventure for all ages where the characters of DC Comics are the protagonists.

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