How to Care for Your Taylormade Driver Shafts

Taylormade driver shafts, like any piece of athletic equipment, require some attention to detail and a little bit of care to keep going strong. Now that all driver shafts are basically made from composite materials like graphite and carbon fiber, they need even more attention than the steel shafts of old.

If you need a few tips on how to care for your golf shafts, you’re in the right place. Observing the following best care tips will keep your shafts in good order for years to come.

1. Keep a golf towel on hand
Golf towels have a million and one uses and probably the most valuable of them is enabling you to wipe down your golf shafts after you use them. Wipe them down periodically during and after each round. This will help you observe the second rule: never store your golf clubs when wet.

2. Never store them wet
Why exactly should you never store golf shafts when wet? Well, while carbon fiber is immune to rust, steel and other metal alloys aren’t. If you have any steel shafts in the bag with your Taylormade driver shafts, water will damage them. Storing your shafts wet can also cause corrosion anywhere there is exposed steel within the joint between the tip section and the clubhead. Leaving them in a wet bag can also encourage the formation of mold that will destroy your bag, shoes, towels, and gloves.

3. Store them properly (preferably inside)
That is, don’t store them outside. Leaving them outside, such as in a garage or in the trunk of your car, in very hot or cold conditions, can damage the adhesive between the shaft’s stip section and the club heads and can potentially damage the shaft grips as well.

4. Don’t abuse them
Play with a tee when the shot calls for it. A thin shot might not damage the club’s shaft (though it might damage your ego) but a fat shot can. Carbon fiber is strong but not impervious to damage. Repeated strikes into the ground can cause small cracks in the fiber that will slowly delaminate over time.

5. Inspect your Taylormade driver shafts after every day on the range or at the course
After a day on the course or at the driving range, give your golf shafts a good inspection. Look for gouges, nicks, and splits in the face of the shaft that can travel through the shaft and cause greater damage. Catching them as soon as possible will make it easier for you to replace them as needed so you never end up breaking a shaft on the course.

6. For the club heads: use a head cover
It’s not just the rocks, turf, and sand that can damage a delicate driver head. Simple tasks like drawing a club from a golf bag or just laying them in the trunk can damage them, too. Keep the driver heads covered when you’re not playing with them to ensure they last as long as possible.

7. For the grips: keep them clean
Grips can often be replaced much more easily than the shafts, but you still don’t want to be stripping and replacing your grips more often than need be. After playing, clean them with a damp rag to remove oils like sweat and sunscreen, as well as dirt, sand, grass, or other debris.

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