How To Draw Praying Hands

How To Draw Praying Hands. If you ask an artist what the most complicated thing to draw on the human body is, he will most likely say hands. Otherwise, the hands will surely be in the top 5! Hands can be tricky to draw in any position, which is true for simple gestures like praying hands. However, it can be much easier if you know what to do, and with the right guidance, you can learn how to draw praying hands!

This guide in front of you is just the guide you need to learn how it’s done! We hope you have a lot of fun going through this step-by-step guide to drawing praying hands! You can draw many more characters like easy goku drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

To begin this guide on how to draw praying hands, we’ll start with the hand closest to us as a viewer. For this first step, we will use mostly curved lines. It will start at the bottom of the wrist, curve a little, then curve to form the tip of the thumb. Then you will use two more long curved lines for the first two fingers of your hand. That’s all there is to this step, so let’s move on to step 2!

Step 2:

You have already drawn some fingers, so for the next part of drawing your praying hands; duplicate what you did in the previous step! There will be two more fingers in this stage, and the remaining fingers will gradually become shorter. Finally, you will use another curved line for the palm. That’ll be enough for this hand, but we’ll add some details to it in one of the next steps!

Step 3:

Before drawing the second hand, we will draw the sleeve in this step of our guide to drawing praying hands. This should be a much easier step as you will draw a fairly simple shape. To draw this sleeve, you will use a rectangular shape, except that the edges will be more angular and rounded. This will go to the base of the hand you finished drawing in the previous step. Once it examines like our reference picture, you’re right to go!

Step 4:

Good news: you’ve completed the hardest part of drawing your praying hands! Drawing the first hand was the hardest part, and since we can’t see much of the other hand due to the angle, it will be much easier. For this second hand, you will use simple curved lines so that the palm and fingers are visible from this angle. That’s all, so we can add some last details before coloring your drawing of praying hands.

Step 5:

For this part of our guide on drawing praying hands, we will add details and elements before the last step. Before you start adding finer details, be sure to draw the other used manga! It will look very similar to the first one you drew, as shown in the reference image. Once done, you will move on to the final details! As you draw, the reference image will be your guide, and we’ll add a few lines to the knuckles of each hand. It helps to make the hands more realistic.

Then you can draw some nails on the tip of each finger of the hand closest to us. With that, you’re ready to move on! However, you can add all the details you want before doing so. These additional details are up to you; you can do anything from adding a background to drawing inspirational text. It’s up to you, so let your creativity run free and see what happens!

Step 6:

This sixth and final step of our guide to drawing praying hands is to bring it to life with amazing colors. We’ve kept the colors a bit more subdued, but this stage allows you to take control and use your creativity to incorporate any color you like. You can also create thematic and stylistic images by incorporating bright colors. Bringing these colors to life with your favorite art mediums is great fun too! You can use various artistic mediums, so be sure to have fun with your creativity as you experiment.

Finished Drawing!

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