How You Can Get Organized Using Name Labels for Daycare

When you have little ones running or crawling around the house, keeping up with everything you need to do can be tiring, to say the least. Even if you have a reliable daycare service you feel confident entrusting your child to, it is challenging getting your child ready for the day. You have to make sure they have everything they need including food, bottles, and potentially a spare set of clothes in case something happens to the ones they are wearing, which often does.

Getting your day started with small children can be much easier when you figure out some quick and easy ways to stay organized and keep things going in a steady rhythm. Being able to quickly grab your child’s bag off a chair, their lunch out of the refrigerator, and their favorite stuffed toy off the floor can get you and your child out the front door quickly.

One of the most important elements of sending your child off to daycare is keeping track of their belongings. That is why lots of parents like to use name labels for daycare. They help you to stay organized, make things easier for the daycare workers, and keep all of your child’s belongings where they should be so there isn’t any confusion.

Others opt in because their daycare providers require parents to label their children’s belongings for safety reasons. Whether they come up with this idea for themselves, or they do it because it is asked of them, they still have much to gain. Just to highlight some of the key benefits of using name labels for daycare to stay organized, here are some of the handiest ways we have seen parents use these labels.

Bottles & Lunch Bags/Boxes
As we briefly mentioned above, some daycare centers require items like baby bottles to be labeled with the child’s name to make sure that beverages do not get mixed up and everyone is drinking what they are supposed to be. For older children you will want to label all of their reusable food and drink containers and lunch bags/boxes to make sure nothing gets mixed up by mistake. To make life even easier choose a name label that is waterproof, dishwasher, and microwave safe. This allows you to simply toss the reusable containers into the dishwasher when you get home.

Personal Belongings
While you are planning on getting labels for bottles and lunch boxes, you might want to consider getting some for their other possessions as well. You can use these name tags to identify your child’s belongings so they don’t get mixed up either.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of using name labels for daycare is the ease of use. You do not have to do much in order to get your hands on these labels and apply them securely to any of the items you had in mind. You can just order the type of label stickers you like, customize them with your child’s name, and affix them to the items.

We can easily recommend the labels at, hands down. They create easy-to-use sticker labels in a large variety of adorable child-friendly designs. You can pick out and customize the labels as you wish and keep them within the guidelines of your child’s daycare provider. Visit their website and see all of the helpful name labels for daycare they have.

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