Importance of Land Surveyors in Calgary

Land surveyors prepare maps and measurements of the land using high-tech equipment and geomatics. They frequently work with land developers and civil engineers in Calgary to ensure that the boundaries of a development site are clearly designated.

If you’re wondering why such a service is required, you might be surprised to learn that practically every real estate development project starts with a survey. Here’s all you need to know about Calgary land surveyors:

What Is Land Surveying?
A land survey is an official record of the precise location and boundaries of every parcel of real estate in a given area. The process of surveying land is called “mapping” and the person who creates this map is called a surveyor.

Maps of cities, hospitals, universities, oil and gas factories etc are created using land surveying and mapping. Technological advancements have made land surveying an important branch of study in geomatics.

Today, land surveying can be done in a variety of ways, from simple measures to sophisticated satellite imaging systems. The use of surveying tools to measure horizontal and vertical positions on the earth’s surface is a part of the lands surveying process.

Land surveyors’ Functions and Responsibilities
Land surveyors are the professionals that plan, direct, and carry out legal surveys to locate and interpret the position of boundaries, buildings and structures above and below the earth’s surface. They work on a wide range of projects, including infrastructure planning and design, land development, and construction.

The future of a constructing property depends on the data collected by a land surveyor. Here are a few of the important functions of a land surveyor:

To Adhere To Legal Codes And Regulations
There are many municipal laws, regulations, bylaws that one comply with when developing or constructing your property. The role of a land surveyor is to make sure these laws are followed to avoid any future discrepancy regarding the property. By providing you with precise elevation data and extensive topographical information, a skilled land surveyor can ensure that this does not happen.

To Direct the initial stage of construction
In the initial phases of the construction or development on the property, architects, engineers, construction workers and land surveyors- all work together to ensure that the structure is built in the right way. They have the main role in measuring the property and assessing it for any faults.

To Make out How Much Your Land Is Worth
A land surveyor can help you get the best price possible for your property. They can determine whether the property has any problems that could diminish its value and help you sell it for the greatest price possible. They can also help with information on easements.

To determine the property’s borders, a qualified land surveyor will perform his research. This could entail looking through county records or utilising GPS to pinpoint the exact location of the property’s landmarks.

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