Keys to a good profile picture on LinkedIn+INFOGRAPHIC

Keys to a good profile picture on LinkedIn+INFOGRAPHIC

Keys to a good profile picture on LinkedIn+INFOGRAPHIC

Keys to a good profile picture on LinkedIn+INFOGRAPHIC

In social networks, the image of our profile will be part of our brand. For this reason, a good professional profile photo will be key.

It is important to take care of it and pamper it, as much as our content or other important aspects of community management, since this image will be decisive for our brand and the perception that the people who follow us have of it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And there is no doubt that the power of an image can move mountains.

An image can lift us up or destroy us, it can open doors or close them, it can transmit a lot to us or leave us indifferent.

In any aspect of life, the image is essential, and social networks are not exempt from the power of the image, moreover, I would say that a good image on networks is key to an impact campaign.

This image will be our first cover letter.It will be what they will remember about us, the first thing they will see about us, and therefore, we have to convey that image that interests us, without moving away from reality.The values ​​that we really want to transmit about us.

I have had the opportunity to chat with Idoia Telleria, a professional with a long career in the world of photography, and we have managed to draw several conclusions and ideas in common on this subject.

With his profile from the photographic field and mine more communicative/social media, we have managed to gather 10 interesting keys to improve your profile photo on LinkedIn [Tweet «Keys to a good profile photo on LinkedIn #redesSociales #socialmedia «]

If we want to make a good impression, especially in professional networks, we have to avoid leaving profile photos blank or putting avatars and caricatures.

We are in the era of transparency, and in networks, it is also important to show ourselves as we are, especially if we are looking for opportunities, making ourselves known, or collaborating on projects.

Many people get frustrated when they go to LinkedIn or another social network and start seeing profiles of people without photos.

They are small details, but they say a lot about our digital presence.

We are going to know the 10 keys to take into account when choosing the profile photo for LinkedIn:

1-Give importance to the face

Avoid general plans in which the face is not appreciated.

The expression of the face, what we transmit with our eyes, is very important, and the general shots do not help to capture that facial expression.

I have come across photos of professional profiles on LinkedIn wearing sunglasses, with children, and pets, or partying at a wedding. Or even without the person’s face being clearly seen.

Would you go to a job interview without your face looking good? Well, in a professional profile picture it is the same.

Take care of your image for photography and above all, do not forget that the face is very important.

2-Neutral background

Avoid distracting backgrounds. Here the important thing is you, your image, your face, and your expressiveness.

If we distract attention with elements, the eyes will focus on objectives that do not interest us, and not on our image.

We must avoid any element that distracts from what is really important or ruins the result.

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