MG Thailand delivers 100 MG EP electric cars to institutional customers

0—By MG Thailand, 28 October MG Thailand has delivered 100 MG EP electric cars to institutional customers. When added to its 115 self-built charging stations, MG(MG EP ราคา) now has more than 800 charging stations across Thailand.

MG and Great Wall Motors were the first two Chinese car brands to enter the Thai new energy vehicle market, and MG has been quicker and has made more moves in Thailand than Great Wall Motors. Of course, a large part of the reason for this is the local resources that MGCC has, as Thailand’s Zhengda Group signed an agreement with SAIC Group and began producing MGCC’s joint venture brand cars in Thailand in 2014, with Zhengda contributing 49% and SAIC 51%.

After years of development, MG Motor has not only established a firm foothold in Thailand, but has also demonstrated its presence in the same arena as its Japanese counterparts, and the pure electric vehicle (EV) is its strong weapon to attack the Thai car market.

It is reported that there are currently at least 100 MG Thailand 4S franchises. Among them, there are 115 MG Superchargers, and the total number of charging stations in Thailand should exceed 800 if we add the charging stations built by our partners. This is the reason why the MG EP electric car is so popular with corporate customers. MG has recently delivered 100 MG EP electric cars to corporate customers in Thailand.

And Great Wall Motor will also announce the Ola Good Cat Thailand flat price on 29 November 2021 at 18.00 pm. The feedback from the major car reviewers so far is predominantly positive. The 400km range in particular is certainly the best in its class in Thailand. The largest convenience store in Thailand, 7-11, will also be adding MG Superchargers in front of all its new shops.

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