New Homes Near Heritage Pointe


The Alberta foothills, located on the outskirts of Calgary, are some of the most picturesque landscapes in the province. Surrounded by majestic mountains, national parks and diverse fauna, the place has become a popular residential location.

Finding new homes in such areas can be a challenging and time consuming task. With Pine Springs, an elite neighborhood in the Alberta Foothills built by RareBuilt Homes, you now have the ideal opportunity to reside in this captivating area.  

Pine Springs: A Luxurious Residential Area Near Heritage Pointe
Pine Springs is a new luxurious small residential area adjacent to Heritage Pointe near Southern Alberta Foothills. Built by RareBuilt Homes, the residential area’s unique selling point is offering a limited twenty-two spacious homes that are affordable and architecturally impressive.

Here are some of the reasons why will you adore residing in the new homes in Pine Springs near Heritage Point:

Small Residential Area
Pine Springs will offer only twenty-two residential homes on its property- which means you can live your life peacefully in these homes away from the noise of the outside world. Other advantages of living in small residential area include:

● With fewer residents, you get a feeling of community
● There is a larger sense of security
● Lots of Parking space for you
● You get to enjoy clean air and open spaces

All Amenities Nearby
The location of the house that you would be buying has an influence on your decision. An excellent location is cost-effective in the long run.

The great thing with buying a house in Pine Springs is that it is just 25 minutes to downtown Calgary. So, all amenities such as schools, parks, restaurants, stores and other such services are easily accessible to you. 

Stunning Mountains
Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere where the majestic Rocky Mountains greet you each morning? The Rocky Mountains of Alberta, which are only two hours away from this lovely upscale community, are the best part of living in Pine Springs. 

One can take morning hikes everyday with their friends and family and relish nature, the lush green trees and the impressive fauna of the mountains.

Top-Notch Ski Resorts
Don’t simply consider what the neighborhood has to offer you right now when you drive out to Southwest Calgary to look at the new houses in Pine Springs. When you purchase a home in Pine Springs, keep in mind the long-term investment you are making. In addition to being adjacent to the Rocky Mountains and national parks, Pine Springs is also near a number of top-notch ski resorts. 

What other fun way to spend your holidays than skiing in the top ski locations of Canada that are just two hours away.

National Parks
The mountain and the national parks that surround Pine Springs are only a two- to three-hour drive away. There is barely ever time to explore Canada’s designated provincial and national parks when you have a busy metropolitan life. Discovering the area’s natural splendor is made possible when you live in this luxurious property.

New Homes Near Heritage Pointe in Pine Springs offer a tranquil rural setting with a city presence just next door. Sounds like something you could imagine yourself living in? Click here to contact RareBuilt Homes and schedule your free consultation today!

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