Polymer Throw Levers for Vortex Optics: Ergonomic, Easy to Use, and Fast


Vortex Optics may be a new player in a world of optics that has traditionally been dominated by Bushnell, Leupold, and Sig Sauer, but that makes little difference to most shooters. “Best of” lists of optics are frequently topped by Vortex scopes.

The company also offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on its rangefinders, binoculars, red dot sights, and riflescopes and produces some of the highest performance optics in the industry.

But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t be better.

Case in point: adding a polymer throw lever for a Vortex optic to your preferred scope can improve handling and give you the ability to take control of variable magnification in fractions of a second.

Here’s what you need to know about this simple, affordable, but highly practical upgrade to Vortex optics.

Why a Throw Lever in the First Place?
Shooters working with iron sights, most red dot sights, and fixed power scopes may not be familiar with the concept of a throw lever.

This is the sort of shooting accessory that is designed for variable power magnification optics such as low-power variable optics (LVPOs).

Many modern riflescopes are made with variable power magnification, allowing the shooter to adjust the scope in order to increase or decrease the magnification of the sight picture. This makes these scopes attractive to hunters, long-range shooters, and other competitive shooters that may find themselves with a need to adjust magnification on the fly, in the field.

Variable power magnification optics adjust via a magnification ring located at the base of the rear objective lens. Rotating the ring either increases or decreases the scope’s magnification setting.

Engaging this ring typically requires a strong grip and, though it can easily be done with one hand, requires the shooter to leave the ready position or at least compromise the sight picture in order to zoom in or out.

A throw lever is a small device that is designed to fit over the magnification ring on a rifle scope. They contain a protrusion – a lever – that makes it much easier to dial in the magnification with one hand. This makes it much easier to swing between scanning magnification and shooting magnification very quickly.

Some riflescopes are manufactured with throw levers built into the design of the magnification ring while many are not.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of aftermarket throw levers for many popular brands of optics that attach and detach easily.

Where Can You Learn More About These Polymer Throw Levers for Vortex Optics?
Anarchy Outdoors’ polymer throw levers for Vortex optics are specifically designed for each Vortex Scope and exhibit a premium fit, feel and finish.

Their design enables you to see through the throw lever instead of blocking the elevation turret and they are crafted from extremely strong, lightweight nylon 11 composite with a specially designed ceramic coated thread insert for a secure installation.

Anarchy Outdoors Vortex polymer throw levers enable you to zoom in and out quickly and easily (perfect for hunting and competition) feature high-quality construction and an HD finish, and are easy to install.

Simply loosen the screw, slide the lever over the scope’s magnification adjustment ring, and tighten the screw.

AO’s polymer throw levers maximize the efficiency of magnification transitions with fluid precision and work great with a wide range of Vortex Optics. AO produces polymer throw levers for several Viper, Diamondback, Razor, Strike Eagle, and Crossfire scopes. Their throw levers are specifically designed for each Vortex scope model.

In addition to polymer throw levers for Vortex Optics, Anarchy Outdoors also produces throw levers for the following manufacturers:

● Athlon
● Riton
● Leupold
● Zeiss
● Burris
● Arken
● Minox
● Nikon
● Primary Arms
● And more

For a full list of throw levers designed specifically for high-performance gun optics, visit Anarchy Outdoors at AnarchyOutdoors.com or contact them directly at 833-980-0333.

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