Questions to Ask Your Dealer When Considering Planmeca CBCT


Are you in the market for a dental CBCT machine? If you’re joining the thousands of dental professionals nationwide that have made the decision to invest in CBCT for their practice, getting started with the right equipment can seem overwhelming. 

Fortunately, there are countless online resources to help guide your decision, helping you narrow down your options. Turn to trusted experts, including colleagues, referrals, reputable manufacturers, and even dealers for quality information to guide you through your options. 

As a leader in certified pre-owned dental equipment, Renew Digital has over a decade of experience guiding thousands of dental and specialty practices on their extraoral imaging needs. They’ve worked extensively with the majority of leading dental imaging manufacturers. Throughout the years, one of the most consistently requested brands in the Renew Digital catalog has been Planmeca, for both 2D and 3D CBCT systems. 

If you’re seriously considering a Planmeca CBCT system for your next purchase, either by recommendation, reputation, because you currently operate with Planmeca in another office, or because you are replacing a Planmeca, get started with this helpful guide.

Why Planmeca?
Planmeca has earned the reputation of being a global leader in healthcare technology and is the largest privately-held manufacturer of professional dental equipment in the world. Dentists recognize the quality of Planmeca’s ProMax line of 2D and 3D imaging systems as well as the software solutions that accompany them. 

What Features Does Planmeca Offer That I Can’t Get with Other CBCT Brands?
While many popular CBCT manufacturers, including Sirona, Vatech, Carestream, i-CAT, and more offer enticing features to distinguish their products from their competitors, Planmeca’s unique combination of the following features helps drive value behind every purchase. Your dealer should be knowledgeable to help you compare features by brand, starting with the following features which are found on all Planmeca CBCT models.

● Auto-Focus Technology:
This unique technology detects the patient’s facial anatomy and automatically positions the focal layer. 

● Open Face Design:
This feature helps make patient positioning more intuitive and helps alleviate patient anxiety during the exam. 

● SCARA Technology:
Planmeca’s SCARA, or Selectively Compliant Articulated Robotic Arm, technology is exclusive to the ProMax line and delivers precise, flexible motions that capture perfect images, minimizing the need for retakes.

● Extraoral Bitewings:
This feature enables the capture of bitewings while eliminating the need for intraoral radiography.

● Optional Cephalometrics:
For orthodontists, Planmeca offers an optional cephalometric attachment that enables accurate patient positioning and comes with carbon fiber ear posts and nasal positioners, and which offers automatic alignment and dedicated collimation options. 

How Can I Use a Planmeca CBCT System?
If you’re just getting started with a CBCT system for the first time, you may be wondering how integrating 3D imaging can enhance your practice capabilities. After all, your investment in CBCT is a significant purchase, so you’ll want to feel confident that your purchase will impact your clinical capabilities and potentially expand your service offerings. Ask your dealer to educate you on the clinical capabilities that a Planmeca CBCT machine can offer you. 

Your dealer should start by identifying which procedures you currently offer patients, which will guide which field of view (FOV) you’ll require in a CBCT system. Planmeca CBCT systems range from small to medium and large FOV systems that allow for greater visibility of the dentition as you scale the FOV size. 

Which Unit Is Best for My Practice?
Even though you’ve narrowed your search to the Planmeca brand, you still have some decisions ahead to pick the right equipment for your imaging needs. Your dealer should be very familiar with Planmeca’s current product offering, and help guide you through their options. Renew Digital has written on the topic to help guide CBCT shoppers through Planmeca’s full CBCT offering, including previous generation models to consider, which are available for purchase as certified pre-owned models through Renew Digital. For more information, please consult the full article, Which Planmeca CBCT Option Is the Best for My Dental Practice?

A certified pre-owned purchase of a Planmeca CBCT model through Renew Digital can save potential buyers 30% to 50% off new list prices, covered by a comprehensive warranty, and includes installation and training to help you feel more confi dent in your CBCT investment. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about certified pre-owned Planmeca systems, or any CBCT systems for comparison for your practice, contact a Renew Digital representative today. Start your CBCT evaluation by contacting them at 888-246-5611 or complete an online form. 

For more information about Dental Scanners and I-Cat Cbct Please Visit: Renew Digital, LLC.

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