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Installing an SSL certificate on your WordPress site is necessary if you operate an e-commerce site, accept credit cards, or transmit sensitive information. In fact, if you have an SSL certificate, it will enable HTTPS to ensure that no information is sent in plain text. In fact, we advise that all websites use HTTPS because it has several advantages besides security. Did you know that Google labels every website that doesn’t use SSL as “Not Secure”? It means that if your website does not have an SSL certificate, you will lose the trust of your visitors. It’s necessary to have an SSL certificate in order to accept payments online because it helps protect your website’s data. If you want to install the SSL certificate, you can hire WordPress developer.

Installing a WordPress SSL certificate is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to protect your users while also improving the search rankings of your pages. No doubt, paid SSL certificates are very costly. So, there are several ways to obtain a free certificate that lower the cost of your website. In this article, we will discuss the simple ways to get a free SSL certificate for the WordPress website. 

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer is referred to as SSL. A user’s browser and the website they are browsing can safely transfer data using this internet protocol. When visiting websites, every internet user transmits information. These details, such as login credentials, payment information, and credit card information, are frequently sensitive. Using the standard HTTP protocol makes it possible for hackers to steal this data. SSL or HTTPS can be used in this situation. An SSL certificate from one of the trusted certificate authorities is required for websites.

Does WordPress Website Need an SSL Certificate?

All websites on the internet should use HTTPS and SSL. For websites that gather user data including login credentials, payment information, credit cards, and more, it is unavoidably necessary. You must obtain an SSL certificate as soon as possible if you operate an online store, a membership website, or require people to check-in. Before you accept payments, most online payment services require that your website use SSL/HTTPS. An SSL certificate not only increases security but also improves users’ perceptions of your business. Additionally, Google advises utilizing SSL, and studies suggest that websites with SSL functionality perform a little bit better in search results. Therefore, why not get WordPress development services to install a free SSL certificate.

How to Obtain a Free SSL Certificate?

Due to the added expense, many website owners are hesitant to adopt SSL. Numerous small websites become vulnerable to data and information theft as a result. Let’s Encrypt, a nonprofit initiative decided to address this by developing a free certificate authority. Making it simpler for website owners to obtain a free SSL certificate is the goal of this certificate authority. If more websites start following SSL, the internet will become a safer place. So, why not hire WordPress developer to set up a free SSL certificate on your WordPress website.

Due to the project’s importance, large corporations like Google, Facebook, Shopify,, and many more immediately decided to sponsor it. The difficulty is that a newbie user will have a difficult time installing the Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate because it demands coding and server system understanding. And, the business owners will require to hire WordPress developer from a reputed agency. Fortunately, the majority of the top WordPress hosting providers now include free SSL certificates with all their hosting packages. Many agencies provide free SSL certificates when you avail of their hosting service.

How to Install the SSL Certificate on the WordPress Website?

The WordPress SSL certificate installation is quite easy. There isn’t much code or modification required on your end. You may increase your online authority and provide secure pages to your visitors in a very short period of time. Although you may manually change redirects, using the right plugin makes the process much simpler.

Install the SSL Certificate

The SSL must be installed once it has been purchased. This is achieved by selecting the domain that will use the certificate. If you manage multiple websites and have a hosting account with limitless domains, you’ll need to decide which will receive the new SSL. In fact, you can get the WordPress development services to install the SSL certificate.

Utilizing a Plugin to Carry Out the Required Changes

When you use the plugin to install the SSL, it becomes easier. Once your certificate has been purchased, many of these will automatically make the required changes. Some will configure the site without further input from you by simply activating the plugin. Simply enter the plugin name into a search engine to install and activate it. Go to the appropriate settings page of the plugin after it is installed and activated to complete the necessary steps. 

However, it detects unsafe URLs as the page loads, slightly extending the time it takes for your page to load. Because of this, sophisticated users who are concerned about the speed of WordPress set up their free SSL certificate manually.

Setting Up WordPress Differently

It’s time to modify the WordPress settings after installing the plugin to control your SSL. The procedure is simple. Click Settings > General on your dashboard.

A text box labeled “Site Address” will appear. Make sure “HTTPS” appears in the domain’s prefix. It will assist in rerouting your safe content and fix a few issues with posts and pages not displaying properly. If you feel like it and know-how, you can manually change the. htaccess page as well.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, installing a WordPress SSL certificate is not as difficult as you may assume. It can improve how the world perceives your website in search engines while fostering visitor confidence in your pages. Consider the cost as a means to improve your website’s marketing potential. Simply by installing SSL on the domain, you could make your material more accessible than that of your rivals. So, to manually add the code and install the SSL certificate, hire WordPress developer. It is also a good idea to make the transition if you haven’t already since Google has started giving SSL-enabled websites greater weight and ranking.

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