Short Guide To Picking Floor Lamps For Bedroom Spaces


A well-lit bedroom is always a sign that it belongs to a fertile mind. However, there is a reason well-lit homes and living spaces increase the value of any property: lighting is an integral part of leading a healthy life. Proper lighting enhances your mood and energy levels, increasing productivity during waking hours and fostering adequate rest at night.

Unless you have a tiny bedroom, you deserve a space that has more lighting options than a couple of nightstand lamps and ceiling fixtures. It would be best if you had choices for different tasks, whether it is for making sure you don’t trip during your walks to the bathroom or for reading your favorite book on that comfy armchair.

Here are two things to consider when choosing floor lamps for bedroom spaces

Layer your bedroom lights
It would be best if you furnished your bedroom with various light sources. Designers recommend creating at least three layers for different purposes. For example, it would be best if you had lights for ambiance, decoration, and a set of lights for performing tasks.

Your ceiling and wall light fixtures usually take up the ambiance role, providing your bedroom with general and bright lighting. These should be in the center of the piece or create a perimeter around your room. They should not be too direct but ensure your bedroom feels fresh and energized.

Decoration lighting is like a bedroom’s jewelry. If a bedroom is big and tall enough, expect a chandelier hanging elegantly from the ceiling. However, this role can be filled by well-placed bedside lamps.

When deciding on task lighting, we first need to identify the tasks more likely to happen in your bedroom and where. This could mean you have a small work desk on the other side of the room, a reading nook in a corner right next to your favorite bookshelf, or your bed. The best floor lamps for bedroom dwellers are those that not only provide illumination but also make intelligent use of the space. Atamin offers incredible floor lamps with shelves for books and knick-knacks, and their Avery Advanced floor lamps have USB ports, type A and C, and an AC outlet for charging laptops and smart devices.

Give Your Room The Right Temperature
A few decades ago, incandescent light bulbs were the only viable option for lamps and internal lighting. Unfortunately, they were bright yellow and emitted a lot of heat. Fluorescent bulbs were softer and didn’t raise the temperature of the room or the electric bill. But they were white and sterile, making every space look depressive.

Fortunately, today we have a lot more options for us to give our rooms the right temperature and radiance. LED bulbs offer a wide variety of tones and temperatures: from amber glows that give spaces a warmer and moodier ambiance, while soft white bulbs are great for more active environments that need a more focused radiance.

You can find the best floor lamps for your bedroom at Atamin. Their lighting options provide incredible decorative opportunities that can be easily turned into your favorite task lamp without losing its aesthetic appeal. Visit their website and choose your next bedroom floor lamp today.

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