The Best Bedroom Floor Lamps for 2022


Bedroom floor lamps serve many purposes beyond just décor. They can significantly alter a room’s lighting and accessibility, especially if it doesn’t get a lot of natural light or if you live in an apartment with few fixtures.

A more relaxing atmosphere can be achieved by using bedroom floor lamps as well. When it comes to lighting, the wrong implementation of lighting fixtures can have a negative impact on productivity as well as the atmosphere.

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of your home, and a stylish floor lamp tucked away in a corner or positioned next to your side table may make a statement in and of itself.

If you’re in the market for a new floor lamp, we’ve put together a helpful guide on the most common designs for every lighting requirement. Add some warmth to your space by checking out our top-rated picks below:

Task Floor Lamps
An upright, shaded floor lamp is the most common design for a task lamp. Fenlo’s Flora Arc Minimalist Floor Lamp With Black Marble Base concentrates light in a specific area, which is why it’s sometimes called a reading lamp. If you don’t want to give up any tabletop space for lighting, this task lamp is a great option for a breastfeeding chair, a reading corner, or even beside a desk.

As a result of its timeless appeal, this will never go out of style. Vintage and industrial elements combine beautifully in this piece, and the rich marble base adds an upscale grace that would look great in any room.

A great combination of utility and contemporary style all in one!

Torchière Floor Lamps
If you’re not satisfied with the lighting in your bedroom, a torchière floor lamp could be the answer.

If you have a white or light-colored ceiling, torchière lamps cast a larger glow than task lamps because they direct their light upwards. And they are typically bright, eschewing opaque shades.

It’s no coincidence that the torchiere lamp gets its name from the antiquated method of illuminating a room before the invention of electricity: the “torch.” The triangular shade and straight base of this lamp make it easy to spot.

The design is straightforward and effective. If your ceilings are white, torchières provide a soft, diffused glow that can be seen from anywhere in the room. The Falon Dimmable Torchiere Floor Lamp by FENLO features a black marble base and all of that.

Tower Floor Lamp
Unlike other floor lamps, the tower lamp’s design is unique. The “tower” is typically made up of a single column. Multi-bulb diffraction occurs if the lamp shade extends the height of the column.

It is also known as a “shelf lamp” when, rather than an entire lampshade, shelves are fitted at various heights along the lamp’s length to serve as storage.

In addition to having four sturdy shelves, the Fancy Edge Dimmable Corner Display Shelf from FENLO also has four fully integrated LED poles, so you can display your items with the ideal lighting!

It looks great in any particular and distinctive area of your house, not just the bedroom but also the family room, study room, kitchen, foyer, and more! For a limited time only, this display shelf lamp is on sale, so be sure to check out the link.

There are a variety of bedroom floor lamps to choose from at FENLO, whether you’re looking for a minimalist look or a more traditional brass and marble combination. Visit their website today!

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