The Folding Slock Master May Be the Best Cold Steel Knife for This Reason Alone

The Folding Slock Master, with a red GFN handle, is not the catchiest or most interesting Cold Steel knife. Among the hundreds of Cold Steel products, it hardly even turns heads, all things considered. There are many more interesting and unique products in their lineup. That doesn’t stop it from qualifying as what some might call the best Cold Steel knife.

But let’s be real about what knives are. They are tools, and as a tool, the Slock Master Folder delivers unbelievable value and utility.

First, let’s talk about the size. The Slock Master is a big (although light) folding knife. Though it feels lighter in the hand than either a Buck 110 or an OKC RAT-1, it’s roughly the same size as both. The GFN scales are lighter than the ebony of the Buck and the Nylon of the RAT-1, but in terms of size and scale the Slock Master is comparable.

This makes it a big knife, but its lightweight nature makes it feel smaller and easier to carry via the pocket clip. This improves the knife’s ergonomics. Also, there’s the fact that this knife’s 8Cr13MoV drop point blade could excel at cleaning game, food prep, light camp craft, carving, and everything in between. It is not overspecialized as a sportsman’s knife, though some would argue it’s a touch big to quality among EDC knives.

Now to the lock – the Slock Master uses a high-quality, sturdy lock back, not unlike that of the Buck 110, which is a real bonus. Other knives, like the RAT folding knives, use a liner lock, which, though conveniently, simply is not as strong. So what if the knife is a little harder to deploy and close with one hand – the lock is about as strong as you can get in the industry.

Now here’s the thing that, if you ask this writer, really sets this knife apart, although it is not unique to it. If you look on the left side of the knife, where a right-handed user’s thumb would rest in a pinch grip, there is a little, ridged metal bar.

Cold Steel calls this a Rock Lock, and it is a game-changer among folding pocket knives. It serves as a redundant failsafe locking mechanism to prevent the knife from folding if the lock is accidentally disengaged. Actually, it prevents the Lockback from disengaging entirely until the Rocker Lock itself is disengaged.

This is not as much of a problem with lock backs as with frame locks and liner locks that can accidentally disengage and fold under torsion, but it could still happen. By sliding the Rocker Lock forward, you have two fail-safes in place to prevent the blade from closing. In fact, the cool thing about the Rocker Lock is that you can also use it to keep the blade closed.

There’s one more thing that gives this knife a good case for “best Cold Steel knife,” and it’s the price. Depending on where you get it, you can get a steal. For instance, White Mountain Knives sells them for less than $40.

Where Can I Get This Cold Steel Pocket Knife?
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