The Novo 4: What Makes This SMOK Pod System Such a Joy to Use?


SMOK is not a brand in the vape industry that is content to “get things right” and then rest back on its laurels. They’re constantly innovating and releasing new designs and technology that improve – if not revolutionize – the vaping experience.

The SMOK novo 4 exemplifies this commitment to continuous improvement in technology and functionality. So let’s dive in and peel back the layers of what makes this SMOK pod system so impactful.

Airflow Control = Flavor and Vapor Control
Arguably the greatest feature of the novo 4 SMOK pod system is the device’s adjustable airflow feature – and adjustable airflow also gives you control over vapor production and flavor.

It’s easy to adjust, too. Simply scroll the air-inlet ring to adjust the vents to let more air in or choke off the flow.

Greater airflow will produce big, thick clouds, whereas restricted airflow will create smaller, thinner clouds but more potent flavors – which can be great for discretion.

It’s all about what you like, and the novo 4 SMOK pod system gives you that flexibility.

The novo 4 is also powerful. It has an 800mAh internal battery and can deliver 5 to 25W. It also features meshed coils that heat up more rapidly and more evenly. They’re more efficient, less likely to burn out, and longer-lasting than standard coils, not to mention the fact that they deliver instant results. It might not be as high-powered as some other vape mods – but it delivers.

Leak-Free Coil System
Some pod vaping devices create sticky situations that arise from leaky tanks, but the novo 4 has solved this issue.

The coil system features an integrated silicone ring that creates a leakproof seal with the tank, stopping leaks at the source.

It’s easy to replace the pod and lets you say goodbye to leaks.

The SMOK novo 4 system is also physically tough, which gives it great lasting power. It’s made with a textured zinc alloy that is tough and corrosion resistant and available in a number of aesthetically-pleasing options including carbon fiber and stabilizing wood finishes.

Some vaping mods and pod systems get way too complex way too fast. The SMOK novo 4 system keeps it simple.

It features a single-button interface that controls powering on, powering off, and the power adjustment.

Click the button 5 times to power it on or off, and click the button ⅔ times to engage power adjustment; each subsequent click increases power by .5W.

Also, like many systems, it is draw-activated, keeping everything simple, streamlined, and easy and enjoyable to use.

Size and Convenience
The SMOK novo 4 is also perfectly sized for an on-the-go lifestyle and is highly discrete.

All in all, it’s 93.5mm high, 17.7mm thick, 26.5mm wide, and it only weighs 51.7g – making it fairly small and extremely lightweight.

Aesthetics and Extras
The SMOK novo 4 is available in 10 different colors, so you can get one that reflects your personality.

It also has pod detection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, and an 8-second automatic shutoff.

I’m Sold: Where Can I Get This SMOK Pod System?
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