Thinking About Using Everpure H1200? Read This.

The fact that we have running water in our homes and businesses here in the United States is certainly a marvel of contemporary technology. It’s a privilege that we should not take for granted since it’s something that many others do not have. The fact that we have flowing water does not, however, imply that it is always clean enough to drink.

Even water that tastes and smells fine can still contain harmful levels of contaminants. In addition to drinking, everyday tasks like brushing teeth, cleaning dishes, and taking a shower all need access to safe, clean water. That is why it is so important to invest in your water quality.

Everpure Water Filters: A Quick History
Since its inception in commercial kitchens more than 80 years ago, Everpure has made its way into our homes and businesses. The firm, which was founded in 1933 by C.B. Oliver, is well-known for its water filtration products. When it comes to addressing your water problems, Everpure is committed to employing the most cutting-edge technologies. On the company’s website, it states that it refuses to accept the status quo. It has designed water systems that can handle enormous quantities of water and offers customers conventional filters and reverse osmosis system that filter particles as fine as 0.00001 microns in size.

The Everpure H1200 Purification System
The Everpure H1200 Drinking Water System is one of Everpure’s best water filtration solutions, earning it a product highlight. In comparison to 7,573 water bottles, this water system can hold 1,000 gallons of water and comes with a separate faucet installation. Every glass is filled with clean, refreshing water thanks to the Micro-Pure filtration media in the cartridges.

Levels of chlorine, methanol (a gasoline additive), lead, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can all be significantly reduced when using the Everpure H1200 water filters. Contaminants in unfiltered water cannot stand a chance against this technology. In addition to avoiding clogs, the system has a bacteriostatic agent that prevents any hazardous microorganisms from reproducing in the cartridges. This means that your filter will never become a source of contamination even when removing biological contaminants.

Although certain water filters remove the majority of hazardous compounds, they may also be removing the naturally occurring minerals that you want to maintain in your drinking water. Those minerals are retained by this system, which adds to the numerous health advantages that come from drinking water that is free of contaminants. In addition to that, they’re providing you with a dual cartridge, which means that you won’t have to change the filter as often.

One important thing when it comes to choosing a filter is to look at its certifications. The Everpure H1200, along with all Everpure systems, has received certifications from the NSF or National Science Foundation. Third-party testing and certification of water filtration systems by this organization ensure that they perform what the manufacturer says they do. The H1200 passed the NSF’s 42 and 53 standards certification tests.

Both of these principles are important and mean different things. The NSF 42 certification means that these devices are capable of removing contaminants like chlorine and others that can affect the taste or smell of your water, but do not have immediate health risks. The NSF 53 certification means that the filter is capable of removing or significantly reducing the levels of harmful contaminants such as heavy metals and parasitic cysts.

Knowing that your filter meets these standards means knowing that your water is safe to drink. That is why it is so important to have a quality filter in your home.

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