Enhancing User Experience with Instagram Chatbots in the Enterprise Sector

Since its launch in October 2010, Instagram has skyrocketed to 2 billion active users, with over one-third of the world’s active internet users accessing the app each month. This massive scale presents both an opportunity and a challenge for businesses aiming to enhance user experience. 

Instagram chatbots are a revolutionary solution with a blend of communication and technology transforming how companies interact with their audience. For enterprises, effectively engaging with this vast user base is crucial. Instagram chatbots provide instant responses to customer queries, personalized recommendations, and seamless transactions within the app. 

The rising adoption of instagram chatbots for enterprise sector reflects their strategic value. By leveraging these bots, businesses can maintain a competitive edge, ensuring efficient and personalized user engagement in a dynamic digital landscape. How can your business harness this technology to enhance user experience? Get answers below:

Statistics and Insights

  • The site is a vibrant marketplace, with 83% of users making purchases.
  • Instagram has more than 2 billion active users.
  • Instagram is used by 81% of consumers to research and verify products.
  • Shopping postings generate 130 million monthly taps, leading to increased user engagement. 

The Need for Instagram Chatbots

Here are the top 3 reasons why you need instagram chatbots for enterprise:

1. Engagement beyond Boundaries 

Instagram chatbots are redefining how businesses communicate with consumers online. These intelligent tools reply quickly to requests, deliver information, and promote dynamic engagement. Instagram chatbots go beyond the boundaries, adapting smoothly to user preferences and allowing businesses to make genuine connections. Notably, according to Statista, adding Instagram Chatbots increases engagement by 40%.

2. Always-on Engagement 

In a never-sleeping world, the value of being available at all times cannot be overstated. Instagram chatbots revolutionize customer service by offering an always-on engagement experience. 

According to Statista, 72% of customers expect to get a reply on social media within one hour. 24/7 access guarantees that businesses never miss an opportunity to connect with their customers, regardless of time zone or schedule. 

3. Conversion power

Chatbots operate as virtual assistants, leading users through the sales funnel, giving product information, and facilitating smooth transactions, thereby enhancing the customer journey. 

According to Forrester Research, businesses that use chatbots on Instagram get an average 10-20% increase in conversion rates. Thus, adding chatbots leads to a significant rise in conversion rates, resulting in actual economic outcomes.

What Can You Do with your Instagram Chatbot?

Instagram chatbots are the most effective way to save time and money while staying ahead of the competition by automating all of the necessary duties for your account:

1. Auto-reply to your DMs

Auto-reply to your DM is obvious, but it is extremely important. You don’t want your Instagram followers to think your brand is unreachable when they contact you in instagram messenger. Make sure you respond to your followers’ questions as soon as they ask them. 

Your Instagram DM bot can handle approximately 80% of the queries that you receive, particularly the repetitive ones, allowing your staff to focus its efforts on the things that cause your customers to follow you and conduct business with you. 

What more? Your Instagram chatbot handles client concerns in more than 50 languages, not only English. 

2. Story Replies and Reactions

Do you have customers responding to stories with inquiries about your products? Your bot can quickly gather context about the product from the story and respond to your consumers’ questions. Your bot can even help you earn consumer loyalty. 

Assume a constomer uses your product and expresses their appreciation by sharing a story and tagging you. That’s great for you, but they’ll be really disappointed if you don’t acknowledge and respond to their experience. Your Instagram bot takes care of that as well, allowing you to practice automated messaging on Instagram and respond to every story you’re tagged in.

3. Order placement directly Through DMS

Instagram chatbot allows you to connect your Shopify store to your website/store. However, you do not need to direct your customers directly to your website. Some people do not like moving between apps and instead, they will consider about checking out your website later and then move on, resulting in a lost sale. However, using Instagram chatbot, you can sell your products and accept payments straight on Instagram. 

Wrapping it up

Partnering with an instagram messenger api provider like Gupshup would be a wise move for businesses, enhancing customer engagement, support, and marketing. Gupshup’s Instagram chatbots offer instant support, product recommendations, and seamless transactions within Instagram. With Gupshup at your side build stronger customer relationships with your customers using Instagram chatbot.

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