Upcoming Airsoft Events (and What to Bring with You)


Plinking in the yard is fun, as are friendly marksmanship competitions. Airsoft events, however, take your skills to the next level. 

Do you want to hone your competitive acumen, sharpen your critical thinking, and wisen your strategic abilities? 

Then an airsoft event – perhaps even a MilSim, or military simulation match – is what you need to try. 

Airsoft and MilSim events will benefit you in the above-mentioned ways, you’ll get to use your favorite airsoft guns and gear in real competitions, and you might even meet some kindred spirits and make lifelong friends. They’re also great training for reenactors, law enforcement, and others.

Here are a few airsoft events that are still coming up in 2022. 

Celestial Dawn 8/13/22-8/14/22
Sherwood, Indiana, a secluded town, has been beset by militias, cults, and illicit activity. A group called Cleansing Dawn is working on a biological weapon dubbed “Nectar” that, when released into the water supply, will decimate regional populations. 

Both UAE and ADD have gotten wind of the reports and are vying for primacy and control of the chemical. 

Which side will you choose?

Operation: Phoenix Rising 9/17/22-9/18/22
COR is working to launch a satellite-based microwave weapon that can eliminate targets anywhere in the world with the push of a button.

But they have one more to launch to complete the operation. 

Will the operation succeed, or will UAE hijack it?

You decide.

What to Bring with You to Airsoft and MilSim Events
Unless specifically prohibited by the rules of a particular airsoft event, it’s a good idea to bring all of the following with you to an engagement. 

● An appropriate airsoft gun (and sidearm):
Bring what you signed up to bring, plus a sidearm. Make sure it’s appropriate according to the regulations of the event. 

● Spare ammo and mags:
You should bring several thousand spare rounds of airsoft ammo, preferably in a canister that makes it easy to dispense them. Prepare with several pre-charged mags as well.

● Batteries, chargers, gas:
You don’t want to run out of these. 

● A speedloader:
A must-have if you’re going to be efficient with reloading. 

● APPROVED camo:
Many airsoft events require teams to use very specific camo patterns and don’t allow exceptions. Make sure you are well-prepared. 

● Appropriate protection, including eyewear:
Event organizers also will not let you play if you don’t bring approved eye protection. Still, many more players choose to protect themselves with heavy jackets, pants, gloves, and other clothing and accessories. 

● Water:
This should not need to be iterated – but let us tell you from experience, bring as much water as you think you need, and then you should probably double that.

● Weather-appropriate clothing:
Don’t overdress, because you’ll get hot if you do – but you don’t want to freeze, either. And make sure you have some comfortable, waterproof clothing as well. 

● Comfortable footwear:
Comfortable boots are a must or you’ll be in bad shape in a few hours. 

● A change of clothes:
You could get soaked or muddy. Make sure you have extras.

● Snacks:
Sometimes you need a recharge and you need to be able to provide for yourself.

● Cash:
To buy sundry refreshments or other odds and ends around the event.

● Camping gear:
If you’ll be at the event for more than one day, bring everything you’d bring if you were camping.

● Bug spray, sunscreen, and any other creature comforts:
If you burn easily or bugs love you, you’ll want to be prepared since you’ll be outside for hours or days at a time. 

● Anything else necessary for the position for which you signed up:
Check the event rules, then double-check them. The time to find out that you’re missing something is not when you pull up to the event.

Where to Get the Essentials for Airsoft Events.
Ready to stock up or sign up for one of these airsoft events? Visit MiR Tactical online at MiRTactical.com. 

They carry all of the airsoft guns and gear you need to make a match enjoyable, and they also organize and host many airsoft events throughout the year. 

They also sell in bulk, offer a price match guarantee, and certain orders qualify for free shipping. 

Visit their website to learn more or get in touch with them directly at 800-581-6620. 

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