Vatech CBCT Software Review: Ez3D-i


Across the U.S., the Vatech brand and its renowned family of dental X-ray and CBCT systems are becoming increasingly popular among practitioners. As a solution for managing large 3D imaging files, Vatech Ez3D-i is one of the most powerful dental imaging software platforms available on the market today.

Powered by a new 3D VR graphics engine, Ez3D-i is the ideal tool to effortlessly obtain the correct perspectives needed for accurate and true-to-measurement diagnosis. Ez3D-i includes robust dental CBCT management tools such as image analysis and treatment planning functions to streamline diagnoses and patient care. Plus, the software makes it easy to capture, store, and share cone beam images with labs, referrals, patients, and more.

Here is a list of advanced features which distinguish Vatech Ez3D-i from its competition.

Diagnostic Tools
Ez3D-i is designed to help you get the most out of your Vatech CBCT investment with its enhanced diagnostic tools. This software was developed to help dental professionals provide quick and accurate diagnoses for treatment planning. Below is a list of the unique diagnostic capabilities of Ez3D-i:

● Various VR coloring modes (including modes for teeth, bone, soft tissue, soft tissue bone, and MIP) and 2D filters.
● Intuitive implant simulation tools for collision detection (implant/canal), bone density verification, and oblique viewing tools.
● 3D panoramic navigation.
● 2-click airway analysis.
● Multiple sectional curves and segmentation tools.

Consultation Modes
3D imaging can be a useful tool for patient education and treatment acceptance. Videos and stills help patients better understand their treatment plans by giving them a first-hand look at their facial anatomy. When developing features for their imaging software, Vatech considered various consultation modes to help doctors use images and videos to aid their patient education. This includes Presentation mode, 3D Panorama, and over 200 consultation videos to assist with education.

Implant Simulation
Another desirable feature of the Vatech Ez3D-i software platform is the implant simulation tool. With viewing modes available to colorize bone density, 3D scans can be more useful for implant planning. This tool also includes an adjustable automatic implant collision detection between multiple implants and/or nerve canals. If you’re looking for a streamlined implant workflow for your CBCT imaging system, this tool includes the following features to assist:

● 3-click implant simulation.
● Collision detection.
● Bone density colorization.
● 3D Panorama.
● Oblique view mode.

The Renew Digital Difference
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