Warby Parker: Benefits of buying online

Warby Parker: Benefits of buying online

About two years ago, I was worried about my eyesight deterioration and consulted an optometer. My eyesight was poor, so mimi became a girl with glasses for the first time in 20 years.

In my case, I had LASIK surgery about 10 years ago, but my eyesight, which should have been corrected to 2.0, had dropped to 1.0 in 10 years, and my left eye had astigmatism. Crying

I was asked to prescribe contact lenses at the first visit, but it was also discovered that the eyeball of my left eye had been deformed by surgery. My contacts weren’t stable and I felt uncomfortable wearing them, so I had no choice but to start my life with glasses a year ago.

By the way, I didn’t know until I went to the hospital, but there are two types of ophthalmologists in the United States: ophthalmologists and optometrists. Therefore, please be aware that even if you talk about ophthalmology, the doctor and treatment you take will change depending on your symptoms!

The lens was not covered by insurance

The insurance system in the United States is really complicated, and the coverage varies depending on the plan and company you have, so it’s frustrating that you can’t say “this is it!” The content was that either the frame of the glasses or the contacts would be covered up to $ 150.

Local opticians usually have an optometer in the attached examination room. I don’t know if this is only in NY or the North NJ area, but … Some frames are cheap and start at $ 200. In addition, the lens cost (UV cut + anti-reflection coating + anti-scratch coat) starts from $ 170, so it turns out that even cheap glasses cost at least $ 370.

Well, even though there aren’t that many types of frames. it’s too expensive! So my husband said a word.

“I’ve always been curious, would you like to try Warby Parker?”

What is Warby Parker?

An online-based eyewear brand that started in Philadelphia in 2010. Direct to Consumer (a business model that sells its own products without going through other stores), which has grown into a 1 billion yen company in 5 years from the start. Known for offering at a price.

It is now headquartered in NY and has stores throughout the United States. When I first arrived in the United States, there were only a few stores in Manhattan, but now there are 12 stores in NY and NJ! The clerk is also friendly and the service is excellent, so if you have a store near you, please come visit us!

Warby Parker: Benefits of buying online

  • Anyway cheap
  • The frame is fashionable
  • You can try at home for free for 5 frames (but with a deposit)
  • Virtual fitting is also possible with the app
  • 30-day returns are free, so you can rest assured
  • The store will fine-tune the fit, but if you don’t have a store near your place of residence, the local eyeglass shop will pay you up to $ 50.
  • Purchasing one pair of glasses leads to charity

Unlike Date glasses for fashion, eyeglasses for vision correction that are part of your face are important to wear, and it is often difficult to tell if they actually look good with a hat. right. Therefore, I think many people are reluctant to buy online.

Warby Parker offers free fitting at home to eliminate all such dissatisfaction! Warby Parker will surely help people who couldn’t afford to buy eyeglasses with expensive prescriptions because they couldn’t get health insurance up to Vision (in the US, they need to buy eyeglasses and teeth separately). I think there are many people who say that.

By the way, my insurance wasn’t covered by Warby Parker, but it’s still an extraordinary $ 135 with a frame and prescription lenses. It’s really, really amazing to be able to buy eyeglasses from $ 95 at the cheapest!

Warby Parker: Disadvantages of buying online

  • It takes longer than purchasing at a store from ordering to delivery
  • PD (Pupillary distance): It may not be accurate if you measure the interpupillary distance yourself.
  • PD will not be taught by some optometrists or will incur additional charges
  • Some stores do not have an optometer, so you need to pay a separate examination fee to get a prescription.

About 10 days after ordering, my glasses arrived at my house. In the United States, the average delivery time is less than two weeks, but I didn’t mind the waiting time. This service is perfect for Americans who have a lot of troublesome temperament. smile

However, the interpupillary distance is troublesome … If you do not measure properly, the lens will be cut while the lens is out of focus, so be careful. The most reliable way is to have your optometrist measure it!

Personal bitter experience at Warby Parker

The other day, I got a vintage eyeglass frame that I fell in love with at Brooklyn. (Also, I would like to summarize the purchase of lenses separately …) So I decided to call the optometrist and ask for a prescription for eyesight, but the expiration date (1 year) had expired, so I re-examined. Please come to.

The teacher I met for the first time in a year and two months immediately pointed out, “Your eyes are strange! Please show me your glasses.” When I thought about something, it seems that the focus of the glasses I bought at Warby Parker was not aligned with my interpupillary distance (PD), and the center of the lens was centered on the lower side.

Unfortunately, my eyesight was also poor, and the teacher told me that one of the reasons why I had a severe headache and stiff shoulders was that this slight lens malfunction was possible. I didn’t know that, and I’ve been using these glasses for over a year.

Since my eyesight had changed on that day, I had the optician who came with the lens replace it immediately. The bill is $ 110 for the inspection and $ 290 for the lens, which is an unexpected expense … crying 

I could have Warby Parker take my glasses with me and have them replaced, but by the time I realized it was too late. However, the next day I sent an e-mail explaining the situation and complaining of anger. Then, although the purchase was more than a year ago, I apologized for the $ 50 coupon in the reply email. (I wonder if I was able to request a full refund firmly).


Personally, I had a bit of a bitter experience, but Warby Parker is still very attractive because of its fashionability and reasonable price. This time, I am considering purchasing sunglasses with prescription using coupons. I may just have been unlucky, but if you’re considering buying online, PD when you adjust the fit to your skeleton, head width, etc. at the store. Let’s check if it is out of alignment!

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