Why Choose LT Wright Knives When Looking For Handcrafted Knives?


For an experienced outdoorsman, a handcrafted knife is the best tool in the wilderness. You can do all kinds of cutting and chopping tasks with it, any time of the day, provided that the knife is made with all-quality materials. While some knives do very specific jobs like batoning firewood, making a shelter, or basically all kinds of woodcrafts out in the woods, other knives are an all-around utilitarian which can be pretty handy, considering you only want to pack light when camping out. This is why when talking about all handcrafted knives, the brand that often stands out in the pack would be LT Wright Knives.

What makes LT Wright Handcrafted Knives the best bushcraft knife?
To set things straight, LT Wright knives are all handmade. In fact, you may have observed that the measurements of their knives vary slightly because they are not stamped out of a machine or forged out of an assembly line. Their knives went under an extensive hammering process. And because their knives are all a result of intensive labor hours, they become an absolute epitome of an heirloom quality knife. Their knives have better balance and strength since they were never released to the public unless they pass the quality they are going for. As you may well know, handmade knives are carefully checked and scrutinized by the makers themselves. Despite the long hours of labor spent on making one, if it’s not strong enough, not sharp enough or if it doesn’t feel right at all, it will be deemed an unacceptable quality.

Considering these knives are carefully handmade, they are consequently a product of a creative mind. Which makes them a definitive art form. All knives from LT Wright have the best appearance in most bushcraft knives in the country. Their designs are something you don’t see in any knives made out of machine work. If you get to own a single LT Wright bushcraft knife, know that the person who forged your knife made it just for you and no one else. LT Wright may have used a variety of steels for their knives such as A2, O1, CPM 3V, and AEB-L Stainless steel, this is because not all knife enthusiasts have the same taste of steel. LT Wright made sure that their knives is well-suited to the future rightful owners.

The Best LT Wright Bushcraft Knife
The Knife Connection is a proud dealer of LT Wright Knives. Each bushcraft knife has varied unique characteristics including the type of steel being used. For most of their bushcrafter featured in The Knife Connection, they are forged out of an A2 Carbon Steel which offers optimum toughness that hardly chips, crack, or break. And even when repeatedly used and abused in the woods, this steel would endure and will retain its quality for many years.

Are you looking for quality handmade knives? The Knife Connection got your back and their collection of LT Wright Handcrafted Knives.

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