Why Is It Necessary To Choose A Good Seat Cushion For Your Chair


Seat cushions are vital for class and comfort. Without a cushion, a chair might look close to a bed without a cover. Besides the chic look, cushions are a cost-effective way to avoid back and neck aches. Here is a guide as to why you need to invest in a good cushion for your Bruno mathssons pernilla chair or the one you use for working at home or the office.

Improves posture

Our spines have specific curves that should be maintained to avoid aches and pains. Sitting in the wrong position might alter these curves and have a negative impact on the body. Seat cushions help promote a healthy posture and keep you safe from different health issues.

Reduce pressure on the pelvis

People with sedentary jobs generally suffer from fatigue and pain due to pressure on the hips, tailbone and coccyx. This condition can worsen if not taken care of or prevented. A soft cushion can help you relieve this pressure by distributing the weight on the pelvis and lower back.

Promotes circulation

A few chairs restrict blood flow to the power extremities by compressing the thighs and buttocks. It can cause muscle cramps because of reduced oxygen supply and waste removal. A plushy cushion on your Bruno mathssons pernilla will enable blood circulation to the lower extremity and enhance cardiovascular health.

Increases comfort

If you have a job that requires you to sit for a long time, you want to be comfortable. Twisting and turning in an uncomfortable chair won’t get any work done. Some seat cushions are composed of memory foam and cooling gel to dissipate heat and keep you relaxed while you work at your desk. 

Increases productivity

By improving posture, comfort, and circulation, seat cushions remove distractions and help you be more productive. It means improved health and more work getting done to keep you and your boss happy. 

Supports the abdomen

Sitting for a long time compresses the abdomen and may hamper its function, leading to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heartburn or constipation. By exercising and eating healthy, you can reduce symptoms of heartburn. However, a cushion will help minimize pressure on your abdominal cavity and prevent your chances of suffering any digestive issues.

Kinds of seat cushions 

Memory foam seat cushions

These cushions use your body heat and weight to form your body shape. It keeps all your part comfortable by supporting your backside. Memory foams take some while to regain shape after being used. 

Heated cushions

Heated cushions are for cold climates. They use warm water or electricity to impart heat to the user’s body which helps in relaxing sore muscles and improving circulation.

Cooling gel cushions

Cooling gel cushions help reduce a person’s body temperature while seated. They work excellently in hot conditions and reduce sweating. Most chair covers have two features to be more efficient.

While buying a seat cushion, remember to check the cushion’s material, durability, flexibility, size and weight. Make sure the cover is washable and comfortable on your body.

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