Why Salt Nics Are the Best Way to Vape

Vaping has quickly risen to be one of the most popular ways of consuming tobacco products– and it’s really no wonder as to why. It’s a more discreet way of doing so, delectably more flavorful, typically less harsh than other more traditional methods, and it’s simply a lot of fun creating those clouds!

And that’s why you’re here: you get it and are a vaping enthusiast yourself.

Whether you prefer regulated mods, pod mods, or the more classic vape pens, you know just how important your devices are to you and your favorite hobby. However, these would be nothing without their trusty sidekick: their e-liquid.

Let’s take a brief look at your e-liquid options, why you should consider nicotine salts above other choices, and excellent salt nics to try (hint: the scrumptious Lemon Drop Salt made the list!).

The 3 Types of Vaping Liquids
There are three different types of vaping liquids to choose from that you could add to your favorite fillable vaping device: freebase e-liquid, tobacco-free e-liquid, and nicotine salts (also called “salt nics”).

Freebase e-liquids are made of freebase nicotine, which is the most traditional option in terms of nicotine. It is commonly known that this option is enjoyed by many vapers, but it also can be harsher on the throat than other vaping choices.

Tobacco-free e-liquid is a freebase e-liquid that is exactly what it sounds like: an e-liquid that lacks nicotine.

Nicotine salts, in contrast, are made of nicotine salts instead of nicotine from tobacco plants (hence the name).

To each their own, as they say, but we are huge proponents of nicotine salts in particular. But why is that and why should you, a seasoned vaper, consider them?

The Pros of Salt Nics

Smoother Experience
As aforementioned, freebase e-liquids can be harsh on the throat. Salt nics are smoother because of the benzoic acid. This acid works to both lower the pH levels in the nicotine salt and allows it to vaporize at lower temperatures.

More Nicotine
Even though nic salts are ideal for smoother inhalation, that doesn’t mean they lack the desired level of nicotine. In fact, they have more nicotine within them than freebase liquids! Not only that, but they are absorbed by the body much faster than freebase e-liquids for higher satisfaction.

More Discretionary
If you would prefer a vaping experience that is more discrete, then salt nics are the best option for you! This is because they both don’t require “chunkier” devices but they also don’t create huge plumes of smoke. Plus, you won’t have a lasting scent about you even after you finish vaping!

Friendly for Beginners and Advanced Vapers Alike
Fortunately, salt nics are extremely easy and enjoyable to use as they can be added to any device, even the least complicated ones!

3 Salt Nic Brands You Need to Try
1. Lemon Drop Salt: powerful, flavorful, perfectly balanced (50/50 PG/VG), and lemonade-based
2. Kapow! Salt: fruity, coil-friendly, and sweet!
3. Zen by ill! HQ: sweet, juicy, delicious, and satisfying!

Are you ready to take your vaping experience to new heights? Then head on over to ill! HQ Vapor where they take every vaper and their unique preferences seriously. Browse their salt nics today and find what flavor and brands speak to you the most. Happy vaping!

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