Why Use a Facial Cleanser in Your Daily Skincare Routine


We’re all aware of the classic methods for being our healthiest and best selves: eating a balanced diet along with regular exercise. These two acts are the highlights of any healthy lifestyle.

But what about caring for your largest organ? Your skin is a part of your body– an integral part, at that – that keeps your body protected from outside influences. So, why, then, is its care so commonly glossed over?

How can you best take care of your skin? There are plenty of ways this question can be answered, but one important area to consider is your skincare routine. That includes using a proper facial cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

While all three of these components (and even your morning sunscreen) are exceptionally important in their own regards, why is your facial cleanser in particular so important? That’s what we will be delving into below!

What Is Facial Cleanser?
A facial cleanser is a beauty product that cleanses the skin on your face of dirt, oils, and other undesirable particles. It is unique from other face washes though because it effectively removes these impurities while also soothing your skin and providing it with ample hydration.

Certain facial cleansers may feel a bit thicker in consistency than ordinary face washes, typically being milky or creamy gels, oils, foams, and even balms. While these do usually have a thicker formulation, they can range in viscosity and texture.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Facial Cleanser?
Now you may be wondering what exactly can facial cleansers do for you and your skin? What are the key benefits of this “holy grail” of skincare products? Well, we’re here to bring you answers – and concise ones you shall have. Here are the benefits of regularly using your favorite facial cleanser:

● Clean your skin of unwanted free radicals, dirt, sweat, dust, and even pollution

● Wash away overabundant oils and sebum, which helps in keeping pores clear and ultimately attaining clearer skin

● Improve the overall appearance of your skin, including smoothness, suppleness, and radiance

● Keep skin looking youthful as it assists in battling fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging

● Gently sweep away dead skin cells to encourage a newer, fresher layer of skin

● Nourish and hydrate your skin

● Improve the efficacy and penetrative properties of your other skin care products

Should You Use a Facial Cleanser?
While the benefits of using a daily facial cleanser are evidently miraculous-like, many people tend to question if they actually really need a facial cleanser. Maybe they can get away with simply using a soap bar or their regular face wash.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend that. We truly and undeniably believe that everyone should be using a facial cleanser (yes, even men). Why?

Let’s look at what happens if you don’t use a facial cleanser. Your skin may suffer from being either too dry or too oily. When it’s too dry, signs of aging are amplified. When it’s too oily, your pores will clog far more often with sebum, dirt, oil, and other particles, which will then lead to increased breakouts.

And who wants any of that?

We say, get the facial cleanser and you’ll see what we mean (and you will fall in love!).

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