Why You Should Be Live Streaming Your Events

Live Streaming Your Events

The ultimate love for attending and viewing in-person events over the screens in real time is increasing. The rising popularity of consuming video-based content is rapidly making a lot of sense from the marketing perspective. Social networking sites are also encouraging users and businesses to stream in-person events over their live-streaming platforms

However many people and businesses feel that it’s a costly business to stream on-ground events. But the reality is that you can go live at no cost or with nominal for small events. As said there are many platforms which offer live streaming features such as;

  • Facebook live streaming services
  • YouTube live streaming services
  • LinkedIn live streaming services
  • Twitter live streaming services
  • Instagram live streaming services

Video marketing is one of the significant ways the business can reach a greater audience. Well, the past decade witnessed the rise of event tech solutions and made it possible to integrate the technology and streaming functionality in the in-person events by the live streaming services in Abu Dhabi. With the zero-cost streaming platforms opened new dynamics and simplified the whole procedure for now.

It is also said and known that an in-person event has the capacity (in numbers) to accommodate a certain number of people. For instance, a cricket stadium has a fixed number of seats making it thought for everyone to accommodate. So, live streaming the whole match can be a crucial point of wisdom for the cricket governing body. This is just one reason, others include lack of money, don’t want to travel, geographical b carriers and so on. All these combined made it clear to leverage live streaming platforms services.

The Top Reason Why You Need To Live Stream Your In-Person Event

Here are the top reasons why you should use live streaming platforms for enhancing your customer reach and sales figure of your business. 

Live Streaming Creates Engagement

Live streaming is known for creating engagement and it is believed that people after watching online streams make a purchase. If you don’t believe in this strong statement remind yourself lives of some precious moments when you purchased an important thing for yourself. You might have watched some videos related to that product for sure to know whether will work for you or not. 

Businesses are meant to sell products and services with any event they through besides the fact of some corporate social responsibility or awareness weeks sessions. So, how sales get increased. There are many marketing strategies that need to incorporate like direct selling, creating brand awareness and Facebook live streaming or others are meant to do everything that is needed. 

Less Money! Higher Audience Reach!!

You might be wondering why you shouldn’t just make and upload video content if the popularity of live streaming is due to video interaction. The benefits of in-the-moment interaction as well as the fact that live streaming saves time and money provide the answer to this query.

The numerous phases involved in video production are what drive up costs. It can take months to come up with, write, film, edit, and integrate a single 2-minute movie. This is a waste of time that could be better used to engage customers in your company. Video material can be a waste of time if you add this lost time to the astronomically expensive cost you’ll be paying to a production business.

Live streaming is nearly free if you have the required equipment like cameras, microphones, encoders, decoders and other. If not still, even by hiring live streaming services in Sharjah you can host an event seamlessly. 

Live Streams Generate Leads

You can better understand who you’re speaking to when you use live streaming. It is better to determine who is truly interested in your products thanks to this (and therefore who you should target in future marketing campaigns).

Produce leads by using;

  • People being questioned briefly about themselves before entering the webcast (their name, occupation, etc)
  • Returning to review the viewers’ email addresses for the stream
  • Analyzing their social media profiles by revisiting the stream and reading the comments
  • After the stream has concluded and been uploaded to your website or social media pages, take a look at who is watching it.
  • Identifying the people who are asking questions for your speakers to answer
  • Examining the inquiries customers make in order to ascertain their needs in relation to your services
  • Utilizing cookies to learn more about viewers (such as how they found your stream or what search engine query they made to get to you)

Communicate Instantaneously

We briefly mentioned before that live streaming solutions encourage in-the-moment content interaction. This is particularly simple because live streaming providers include a messaging feature that enables all viewers to interact with one another while watching the show. They can debate the products and services you provide, the subjects you cover, and the important concepts in the sector you’re aiming for. Additionally, viewers can simply ask presenters questions in real-time. This enables clarification of any points raised as they are made.

Anyone can View Your Live Stream

You might have also thought of attending an open forum or panel discussion in person to benefit from it. While in some cases these are fantastic, they don’t provide people who live far away the chance to view your presentation. This is particularly difficult in specialised fields where experts are dispersed across the country (or the world).

People who normally wouldn’t be able to participate in the discussion can do so by allowing for remote viewing. Instead of only connecting with those who are physically close to you, you’ll reach all relevant individuals of your target audience.

Repurpose and Schedule to Post

You can post your entire live stream to one of the various websites after it is finished. Share it on social media to reach a large audience who would not otherwise see it. Or consider embedding it on your official website.

Additionally, the initial target audience can return and view the stream as many times as they desire. This enables them to review the data so they can better retain it. Additionally, it enables them to track down certain sections of the stream. That caught their attention and keep a closer eye on them.

These are some of the key pointers and reasons making it essential for you to use a live streaming platformHope you enjoy reading it. 

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