Why You Should Get A High Loft Bed For Your Kids


Putting together your home is one thing, creating space for your kids is another. There are numerous things to consider when putting their room together. Do they need a bigger space? Is this comfortable to sleep in? Will they stay in their room the whole night? The answers to these questions will help you decide on how to maximize their room’s floor area.

If you’re looking for design inspiration and ideas, you can easily find them on Pinterest or Instagram! But one thing’s for sure, you’ll be seeing a lot of high loft beds. It’s been a trend, especially for tiny rooms and even college dorms.

They are basically bunk beds but instead of having a bottom bed, it’s an open area. What comes after will define how your kids will live in that space. So, why should you consider a high loft bed for the interior of your growing child’s own room?

Save and create space
Whether you’re working with a spacious room or not, a high loft bed can work for both circumstances. This innovative layout does a good job of adding floor area by using a room’s height and elevating the bed. The interior layout technically gives the room a second floor- minus the trouble of renovation.

It’s a generous bedroom staple that can both maximize and give you more storage space. You can put wardrobe cabinets under the bed and turn the ladder into steps that double as drawers or even shelves. It’s up to you!

They’re also very convenient since they’re usually easy to assemble. There’s no need for any sort of construction or remodeling needed to have them in the room.

Put the ‘fun’ in functional
Is it truly a child’s room if it’s not fun? The element of fun is usually a factor compromised to accommodate function. The bunk bed upgrade will be able to marry both fun and function making for wise use of the real estate.

High loft beds can easily be outfitted to your preferences. They’re not only comfortable structures to sleep in, but they also stimulate your children’s imagination. You’re not just giving them a place to sleep, you’ve built them a fortress, their very own cozy cave!

Any opportunity to let your children have fun, especially in their own space is special. It helps in developing a sense of autonomy and independence at a young age without sacrificing the sense of excitement and adventure in youth.

Keep it versatile
Getting your own high loft bed won’t mean it’ll stay the same way throughout the years. Thanks to their easily adjustable features and customizable functions, you can upgrade them accordingly.

It could start as a play area for your toddler in their early years. In a few years, you can switch that playpen with a study table and shelves. In their teen years, the space can become an extension of their closet or a mini studio for whatever hobby they’ve chosen to pursue.

There’s no need to commit to a bed that you’re likely to throw out or replace. So why not use a structure you can easily change as years go by! The key is finding a manufacturer that has a variety of styles to choose from- and if not, they can easily be made to order.

Yes, versatility not only in terms of use but also in placement. That means you can have one built specifically for the dimensions of any room. So whether it’s a commonly shaped room or not, you can easily give it the loft treatment. Imagine all the extra room in your house you can turn into rooms your kids would love. They’d surely appreciate the privacy!

If space, function and versatility are at the top of your list when considering a design option for your kids’ rooms then you should definitely be looking for a high loft bed for them.

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