Why You Should Get White River Firecraft as Your Survival Knife

Designed for heavy use in real survival situations, the White River Firecraft series by White River Knife & Tool makes for an excellent companion when you’re hunting, camping, or backpacking.

These high-quality knives are purpose-built for making fire and performing other heavy knife tasks. Below are other reasons why you should consider getting one next time you venture out in the wilderness.

Trustworthy Manufacturer
Michigan-based White River Knife and Tool is a small family-operated business. With a vision of making knives with an impressive fit, finish, and functionality, and guided by their extensive experience in manufacturing, the company started with one ultimate goal: to satisfy loyal customers.

This is why every component of their knives, from the steel to the thread in the leather sheaths, is obtained and manufactured in the United States, and up to a standard that will serve you for a long time.

Every knife sold by White River also comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you have one of the company’s knives and aren’t completely satisfied, you can return it for free repair or replacement – no questions asked, no receipt required.

An excellent folding knife is ideal for everyday carry, but you’ll need a fixed blade in a survival emergency. A folding knife’s joint is a weak point when it comes to the rigorous treatment your survival knife will receive.

You want something that can be used for chopping, thrusting, prying, pounding, and tough cutting.

Folding knives will never be able to withstand the abuse that a solid fixed blade can. Fixed blade knives also offer speed in deployment. Opening a folding knife and locking will take the time you don’t have in an emergency situation. You want a knife that is ready to use the moment you take it out of its sheath when you’re in an emergency.

Full Tang
The unsharpened, typically hidden section of the blade that extends down the handle is known as the tang.

When a knife is described as having a full tang, it means that the solid piece of metal that makes up the blade also runs down the handle. The structure and strength of a full tang knife are based on a solid, continuous piece of metal.

In survival situations, this means that you’ll have a more forceful blade with a full tang knife. Below are some reasons why they’re good to have in survival situations,

●Full tang knives are sturdy and the blades don’t loosen up with time.

●The connection between the blade and the handle is much stronger, and the blade will always follow the handle’s movement.

●Because the majority of the stress is exerted and centered on the knife blade, there are fewer chances of your handle breaking.

●Full tang knives are significantly more durable and will always be a better choice for all outdoor activities, such as batoning, chopping, and levering.

S30V Steel Blade
S30V is a high-end Martensitic Stainless Steel with a high content of Carbon, Molybdenum, and Vanadium, which provides a great combination of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and edge retention properties.

S30V offers consistent wear and strength throughout the blade. This means that, unlike most other stainless steel, there are no weak areas with S30V blades.

The S30V will hold its edge and resist corrosion, which is why it’s one of the most popular premium steels on the market.

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