How can corroded concrete be repaired?

01. Concrete Repair with PMMA (also known as Polymer Modified Moortar (PMM),

Concrete’s strength is not affected by spalling. Concrete can be strengthened manually with normal cement mortar if it isn’t already. Concrete can be difficult for cement mortar to bond to, or even regular cement. Concrete can be repaired with pre-made mortar (polymer modified mortars). Epoxy mortar can be used for strengthening concrete if it is weak.

02. Both Pressure Grouting and Cement/Epoxy Injection

You can grout under pressure with epoxy grout or cement grout. Concrete can be grouted under pressure using epoxy grout, or cement grout. This grout is used to push concrete into small cracks and honeycomb fractures. First, loose concrete pumping

Cracks with narrow cracks, or honeycomb, need to be cleaned out

03. Gravity grouting

Static heads are used to grout large cracks. Static heads create moderate pressure. This is more economical than grouting with pressure. It does have its limitations. It can be used to fill cracks and cause concrete damage.

04. Coatings and sealers

Concrete is very durable, but chemical attack can be more easily caused by environmental factors. Concrete in poor condition can use the coating’s surface as an alternative. Concrete’s protective coating is an impermeable coating.

There are many concrete pumps.

Mobile Pumps

The pump is mounted on a trailer. Concrete is then transported using separate pipelines. An extension boom is used to ensure that the pipe is in the correct position.

Pumps for stationary use

You can use a truck bed to install stationary or static pumps. They are not equipped to place booms in their proper places so workers will need separate pipes to set concrete at the correct place. Pumps can be easily transported to construction sites, making them great for quick work.


This machine comes with pumps and a concrete mixer. Concrete hoppers large enough to hold both static and mobile pumps are available.

Mix concrete with a pump

concrete pumping

The concrete mixer comes with the machine, as well as an engine. Concrete hoppers large enough to hold both static and mobile pumps will be made available.

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