7x7 Rubik

7×7 Rubik Cube Review

There are many 7×7 rubik cube available on the market. Some are designed to improve speed resolution while others have a stronger magnetism. Choosing the best one for you will depend on your personal preferences. There are 150 center pieces that show a single color each, 60 edge pieces that show two colors, and eight…

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Megaminx Cube – A Comprehensive Guide to Solving the Dodecahedron Puzzle

Megaminx cube is a dodecahedron-shaped twisty puzzle consisting of 12 center pieces, 20 corner pieces, and 30 edge pieces that can be solved either using 3×3 intuition or through learning specific Megaminx algorithms. Beginner methods typically require memorizing short sequences of three to six moves; more advanced algorithms can perform orientation and permutation in even…

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Lolbeans Unblocked Review

Lolbeans.io is an engaging free io game that challenges you to compete against other online players in a race to the finish. Play this fast-paced adventure on either PC or mobile phone using the arrow keys or WASD as controls to move around the map; to jump, press Spacebar; the controls are easy enough for…

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6x6 rubik cube

6×6 Rubik Cube Review

The 6×6 rubik cube is an amazing twistable puzzle that can be very challenging to master. It has 96 center pieces, 48 edge pieces and 8 corners. It has 157 decillion possible combinations. Cubers solve the puzzle by memorizing various series of moves, or algorithms, that lead to a solved state. These algorithms are logical…

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How to Play the Online Game Subway Surfers

What is a Subway Surfer? An endless-running video game called Subway Surfers was created by Danish companies Kiloo and SYBO Games. It utilizes the Unity game engine and is available on platforms including Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows Phone, and online. Players will assume the character of mischievous teens who daily paint graffiti in the game….

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