Travel Trailer Life Dos and Don’ts

Mobile life has always had its appeal. Thanks to social media, we’ve all caught glimpses of what it could possibly be like traveling on the open road in an RV.

But let’s all remember that not all that glitters is gold! Preparing yourself for it takes more than just liking posts and adding images to your Pinterest boards. So whether you’re looking for the right trailer or considering travel trailer accessories we’re here to help!

Here’s an overview of what you should and shouldn’t do if you’re legitimately considering switching to the nomadic lifestyle.

Do Determine Your Non-Negotiables: Pick Up The Necessary Travel Trailer Accessories!
Space is the most valuable commodity in your camper or trailer. While it won’t really ask you to let go of either your shower or kitchen counter, you will, however, have to allocate space for what’s important to you. Don’t worry – if your camper van or RV can’t accommodate a few things, just know that there are travel trailer accessories you can get to supplement your need!

Whether it’s a handy sun shield, a pullout deck for an outdoor grill, a collapsible shower, cooking essentials, or anything else you might need.

This also goes for home amenities you cannot live without. Is it a spacious bed? Is it storage? Once you’ve listed this down, then you can work your way backward and plan out your adventure.

Don’t Camp Out in Random Places
Aside from legal requirements and regulations, not parking in appropriate designated areas is a serious security risk. Try to resist the urge to stay the night in an open area or in the middle of the woods, no matter how exciting or interesting it can be as content.

There will be areas you may feel like you can get away with it, but keep in mind that you are not familiar with the area. That means you truly have no idea what could happen. Always find an exclusive campsite that has security and is well-populated.

Do Respect Personal Space
This one for the couple or friends that’s just decided to go on this adventure together. As easy as it sounds to stay together all the time, we recommend allocating space for each of your hobbies or work.

Traveling in itself already tests relationships. So there’s no need to expose your bond to the possibility of straining. By immediately sectioning off areas for different purposes, you are able to set boundaries, have a semblance of privacy despite the limited space, and make time spent together more intentional.

Don’t ‘Wing It’
The biggest mistake you can make when first getting into travel with an RV is to be unprepared. With the abundance of information in the age of social media, it would be a sin to not take advantage of it.

Make sure to get the basics down, especially for things your travel trailer won’t be able to do. Laundry, for example, is a common pain point if you don’t equip yourself appropriately. Make sure you have equipment or supplies that will allow you to hand wash your clothes.

Always have a complete first aid kit as well as common medicines at the ready. Learn how to administer first aid, CPR, and other emergency response skills or protocols. You won’t always be within close proximity to a medical clinic or hospital.

These are just some of the things you should and shouldn’t be doing if you’re looking into mobile living. Adventures don’t have to be dangerous! If you come well-equipped mentally and physically, you can reap the many benefits of such a lifestyle. So whether it’s a question of where you’re going or what travel trailer accessories you’d be needing- it’s imperative that you keep a mental note of the list above.

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