Types of Collectible Angel Figurines

Collectible Angel figurines are an effective way to combat stress and add some spirituality into your home, as well as give someone else something special. There are numerous varieties of these collectible figurines made from wood, porcelain, crystal and resin for you to choose from!

Willow Tree artist Susan Lordi created these angels as an expression of love and healing, identifiable by their distinctive wire wings; without facial features they add an air of mystery.


This lovely angel makes the ideal addition to any Christmas display, featuring its serene praying design and constructed from quality polyresin material. Measuring 14″, it comes complete with its own gift box.

Swarovski crystal manufacturers are well known for their pioneering innovations and cutting techniques, such as their groundbreaking Xilion method of cutting that enhances facets and roses for maximum brilliance. Their designs have long been admired as being brilliant, and this cutting method was invented specifically to increase that brilliance further.

Daniel Swarovski was born in Bohemian Georgenthal in 1862 and developed an apparatus to precisely cut glass to exact specifications. Additionally, he created other successful sister brands like Tyrolit and Swarovski Optik that are widely collected today – fetching high prices at auctions.

Karen Hahn

Karen Hahn draws her creativity from daily life and faith as well as family affection. Her designs convey positive messages through beautiful figurines featuring natural elements and crystal accents.

Karen Hahn introduces “On Wings of Love,” her debut collection that exudes spirituality and inspiration. This angel figurine is hand-painted in pastel tones before receiving a powder finish to bring out its intricate bas-relief floral patterns and delicate butterfly cutout, sparkling crystals, an inspiring inscription and delicate butterfly cutout embellishment that complete the ensemble – strong demand is expected so make your purchase now! TM Karenhahn (All rights reserved); licensed by Enesco Foundations Collection(R).

Jim Shore

Jim Shore offers whimsical holiday figurines and statues perfect for decorating any room with its intricate designs and vibrant hues. With such amazing figurines sure to add flair, there’s sure to be something perfect in his selection for you!

This collectible from the Willow Tree Angel collection features a hand-painted angel with wire wings. Crafted from high-grade artist’s resin, this piece boasts glittery elements, gold highlights and cascades of forget-me-not flowers to represent Alzheimer’s awareness.

This figurine sells for approximately $500 on resale websites, making it an excellent investment. Sculptor and award-winning artist Alex Ross’ unique blend of color palette and timeless folk-art style design has garnered him widespread distribution and sales around the world. As a legend in giftware industry inspiring retailers and consumers with work that celebrates tradition, family, and patriotism.

Black Art Depot

Kani Saburi Ayubu had a vision when he established Black Art Depot: to provide African-American products that would connect customers to culture. What began as a small home business eventually grew into an arts dealership selling all manner of African gifts and artwork as well as providing artists a platform to exhibit their work.

There is an array of collectible angel figurines available, from porcelain and wood figurines to resin figures with intricate hand-painted features, to more straightforward pieces like Messein porcelain cherub angels.

Karen Hahn and Jim Shore also design collectible angel figurines. Both artists create gorgeous angels wearing intricate gowns. Elegant messages of love scroll across these collectible angel figurines without facial features for added mysticism and beauty.


Porcelain is a type of ceramic with an appealing whiter and more delicate aesthetic than other clay-based pottery, known for being translucent and produced using an intricate process that includes mixing raw materials together before firing in a kiln for final product production.

Porcelain values vary significantly based on its quality. A single piece can range anywhere from several dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars in price, making it essential for claims professionals to have an intimate knowledge of porcelain values.

Herend, Hungary was home to Europe’s first porcelain factory when it opened its doors in 1707. Since then, visitors to Hungary can visit Herend to visit its porcelain museum with over two centuries’ worth of beautiful Herend products on display.

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