Why Buy ESEE Knives 3 MIL

One of the best things about ESEE Knives is the fact that they use a heat treatment method that makes their knives among the greatest manufactured outdoor knives in the world. Heat treatment for knives, for those who are unfamiliar, is the process of changing the properties of steel by subjecting it to different temperatures. You can have two blades made of the same steel, yet one can vastly outperform the other due to the heat treatment process it underwent.

The heat treatment determines the hardness and toughness of your knife, as well as how well it can keep an edge. This is why heat treatment techniques are confidential and why Rowen Manufacturing holds a high reputation in the industry. Lucky for us, we don’t have to know the details of the heat treatment to enjoy their ESEE 3-MIL. Let’s take a closer look at this knife.

Because it’s lightweight and small with multiple sheath options, the ESEE-3 MIL is a favorite among law enforcement and military personnel. Below are the complete specifications.

Cutting Edge Length: 3.38″
Blade Length: 3.88″
Thickness: .125″
Weight: without sheath: 5.2 ounces (without sheath), 9.3 oz (with sheath)
Carbon steel 1095, 55 to 57 hardness
Clip Plate & Molded Sheet

3 MIL Size
The ESEE-3 MIL’s size, rather than being a disadvantage, adds to its adaptability. The ESEE-3 MIL is a good size for individuals who prefer to carry a knife in their pocket. You can easily carry it anywhere without much additional weight, bulkiness, and discomfort.

1095 Carbon Steel Blade
Although 1095 steel isn’t commonly seen in EDC folders, it is widely used in bushcraft and survival knives for a reason. 1095 is a high-carbon steel that is designed to withstand the abuse that it will likely face in a survival situation. With Rowen Manufacturing’s heat treatment, you can expect this finest steel to be most reliable in all situations.

The ESEE 3 MIL also sharpens well but retains its edge. The only drawback, despite all of its advantages, is that it is not corrosion and rust-resistant. Proper care, though minimal is required. You should properly lubricate and clean the blades.

Micarta Handle
The ESEE-3 MIL has a Micarta handle. Micarta is a sturdy and durable material, but it has a weak texture and hence provides a poor grip on the knife. The scales, however, can be replaced, and there are additional aftermarket choices as well.

ESEE Knives perform well in the field. They’re made from 1095 carbon steel that’s been hardened to RC 57 and covered with a durable high-impact coating to assist them to withstand corrosion.

The ESEE-3 is a fantastic knife for your survival kit, with a bombproof build quality. It’s a terrific size that you can easily pocket and bring anywhere with you or include in your survival kit.

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