3 Commercial Sink Faucets Trends

The COVID-19 era brought changes to commercial restrooms and transformed the plumbing industry as it took on a new role in health and safety. Commercial sink faucets‘ designs no longer have to be just functional, stylish, or sleek but also more hygienic. Today, innovative designs blended with touchless technology have become more standard.

So if you’re outfitting a new or renovated restroom with sink and faucet fixtures, and looking for design trends to make your clients and staff comfortable while ensuring their every need is met, below are some guidelines to get you started.

The COVID-19 pandemic has educated Americans on the importance of handwashing. Americans today are better informed and believe that handwashing beats sanitizer. So, it’s no surprise that, in a recent study, the majority (84%) feel touchless handwashing fixtures in public restrooms are very important. They prefer not to touch anything when using restrooms.

In fact, nearly 70% indicated they are more inclined to return to a business with touchless restroom features, while 56% said they negatively view a company without touchless fixtures.

This is the challenge for every facility manager and building owner. To create a good impression of their building and facility, they must first create a great restroom experience for their restroom users.

So start with touchless faucets. If you’re going to choose between a trendy faucet and a hands-free faucet, choose the latter.

Below are some of the benefits of having touchless faucets.

● The sink is completely touchless; users do not need to touch anything to use it.

● Shut-off times can be customized and customers can determine how long the water runs when it is in use.

● Helps you save water.

● Water will automatically switch off once a specified length of time has passed.

● Prevents leakage and water waste.

● Installation is simple and uses existing plumbing components.

● The appearance and design are sleek.

● Encourages more effective and proper sanitary practices.

Many environmentally aware people are looking for “green” commercial restrooms and ways to lessen their carbon footprint.

The advantages of sustainable restrooms, however, extend far beyond their positive environmental impact. Eco-friendly restrooms can save you a lot of money. So, look for low-flow faucets for your restrooms. Low-flow fixtures use less water and reduce water consumption by as much as 60% compared to standard fixtures.

You might also want to look into responsibly-sourced materials for restrooms fixtures. There are a lot of manufacturers that offer eco-friendly fixtures.

By using sustainable fixtures, you can appeal to environmentally aware people and help minimize pollution, water usage and energy, and other important resources at the same time.

One of the most recent trends in commercial restroom design is the minimalist style, which emphasizes simplicity and functionality. The minimalist style is ideal for small or busy restrooms because it visually expands the room.

Minimalist restrooms provide the practicality and elegance of clutter-free spaces, which are also appreciated by busy and tired people.

Having minimalistic restrooms will also be in your favor because they will be easy to clean and maintain. Minimalist restroom interiors are practical, efficient, and time-saving. So consider transforming your restrooms into luxurious, modern spaces with a minimalist aesthetic.

Upgrade Your Commercial Sink Faucets
An updated restroom increases the value of your building, modernizes its appearance, and improves its functionality. If you’re renovating your restrooms, consider using sink and faucet fixtures that are hygienic, sustainable, and modern minimalist.

Adopting one of these trends will improve the efficiency and comfort of your restroom. These, in turn, will create a better restroom experience for your users.

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