3 Types of Sports-Friendly Jewelry: Have Fun and Look Great!

Whether you love hitting the gym or playing rigorous sports, you know just how important your apparel and accessories are to you, your comfort, and performance.

And, yes, that can even include your jewelry! If you watch some of the biggest sporting events, you will notice that various professional athletes “sport” stunning necklaces, tennis bracelets, and even earrings. From baseball to tennis, elite athletes wear their favorite jewelry and do so with style.

But, what about the jewelry? Can you wear just any type of jewelry while playing sports or exercising in general? Unfortunately, you cannot! That is why we have devised this list of three sports-friendly types of jewelry and added a bonus section of jewelry you shouldn’t wear while exercising!

1.Gold and Silver Magnetic Bracelets
Wearing high-quality gold and silver magnetic bracelets is always a superb option. Magnetic jewelry has made appearances on players in a collection of pro tournaments, like the BNP Paribas Open, Wimbledon, US Open, LPGA, PGA, Volvo Car Open, and many more!

By wearing gold and silver magnetic bracelets, you could potentially reap the benefits of a stylish look and boost in health! This is because these pieces of jewelry have been known to increase your blood circulation, which can lead to impressive pain relief associated with chronic conditions, arthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, headaches, joint pain, and so much more!

Plus, as they are of such high quality, they won’t corrode or leave any marks on your skin!

2.Titanium Magnetic Bracelets
If you indulge in tough sporting activities such as bull riding, you can opt for the titanium magnetic bracelets options instead. They are exceptionally durable, could offer you the same health benefits as other magnetic therapy bracelets, and certainly provide you with a sleek look– a truly ideal piece of jewelry for anyone, including men!

3.Silicone Jewelry
Silicone is a flexible and strong material that could really bode well as a piece of jewelry while you exercise. For example, wearing a silicone wedding ring instead of your regular wedding ring might be significantly more comfortable as the silicone moves with you and your movements instead of against you.

What Jewelry Not to Wear When Exercising
Since we dove into the beautiful pieces of jewelry you can wear while exercising and playing sports, you should be aware of what jewelry you should not wear, too!

Gold-plated jewelry is usually not a good idea because it can corrode. Speaking of corrosion while working out, the same goes for copper and nickel because these can do such while you exercise– and even turn your skin green! Moreover, nickel commonly causes allergic reactions for people, so it’s best to not wear it, especially while exercising.

Depending on your particular sport, you may not want to wear jewelry in specific locations. For example, if you are a wrestler or boxer, you wouldn’t want to wear earrings or face piercings because this could worsen injuries– and give your opponent an easy way of harming you. Be mindful of the pieces you do choose to wear and that they won’t injure you (or someone else) based on your preferred sport or activity.

When in doubt, only opt for real, authentic, and high-quality jewelry to wear while you’re working out in order to lessen the chances of damage to the piece and/or your skin!

Magnetic Jewelry You Can Trust
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