4 Handsome Ways to Wear Men’s Fox Fur Coats

Authentic animal fur has been used as an insulating and warming material for humans for centuries. It is easily one of the warmest materials on Earth, so that should really come as no real surprise.

However, in more recent times, wearing real fur garments has been prioritized for solely women. There have been more negative views towards men who wear fur coats and other fur garments. We are here to proudly tell you that that negativity is finally heading out the door and that there is a boom in men’s fur garments in the fashion industry today.

One of the most enticing options in fur garments specifically is fox fur coats. Let’s, then, take a look at some handsome ways men can sport stunning men’s fox fur coats, whether they be completely made of fox fur or there is only a trimming of the stunning fur.

1.Turtleneck and Slacks (with a Low-Collared Fox Fur Coat)
If you choose a low-collared fox fur coat, then one of the most classic looks that will really get a “wow” from everyone is to pair it with a turtleneck. When you have a turtleneck elegantly poking out from above your low-collared fur coat, you’ll be able to elongate your neck’s appearance while also making your facial features sharper and more pronounced (in a great way!).

You can either have the turtleneck be a similar color or shade to your coat or make it a more pronounced color/shade than the coat, which would make it stand out and be more attention-grabbing than otherwise.

Opt to also wear a nice pair of slacks and dress shoes, but nothing that will be too “loud” against your coat and turtleneck.

2.Dress Shirt and Jeans
We already know that one of your favorite looks is a dress shirt (or even just a relatively nice shirt) along with your favorite pair of jeans. This smart-casual outfit would work perfectly with nearly any men’s fox fur coat.

While your dress shirt can poke out the top of your coat, your cool jeans can ensure that your outfit isn’t too fancy (if you don’t want it to be, that is). Choose a pair of shoes that rightfully assists you in attaining your preferred overall look, too!

3.Bright Fox Fur Coat with Darker Tones
If you really want to make a statement with your fox fur coat, then we recommend investing in one that is a brighter shade so it can really “pop.” However, when you do wear this eye-catching coat, beware of not wearing other garments with bright colors that will clash with your coat.

If you do wear such a fox fur coat, opt for a top and some bottoms that are more solid shades/colors. They can be mostly white, black, or gray, as you don’t want these to ruin your coat’s enamoring features!

4.Fashionable Boots, Jeans, and a Sweater
It’s no secret that fur coats are typically worn in the colder months of the year. Why not simultaneously dress appropriately for the season and look great? Properly protect your feet and make them look fashionable by wearing a pair of nice boots.

Then, be sure to wear your favorite pair of jeans along with one of your favorite sweaters. You have plenty of options here in terms of sweater type, shape, and color. Simply use your best judgment and wear something warm and handsome!

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