4 Items to Increase Your Bat Control (and Even Your Batting Average)

When stepping up to bat, you need to have the utmost confidence in your offensive game. If you have even an inkling of doubt, you have already lost the battle against the pitcher.

One of the key attributes of having such low confidence in the batter’s box is having a low batting average. A low batting average is defined as being .250 or lower in all batting attempts.

A low batting average can be due to a slew of factors. Unfortunately, one of those is simply being in a slump (we’ve all been there, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of– and you’ll get out of there sooner or later) and we can’t really help you too much with that if that is the underlying reason.

However, aside from that one reason, it could honestly come down to your bat and your control over it! Your bat is indeed your offensive partner in crime and should be your most dependable piece of equipment– but you may be doing yourself a massive disservice if your bat has an issue or isn’t right for you!

And in order to make the most out of your bat, you need to have the utmost control over it. Let’s look at four pieces of equipment that can help increase your bat control, which can drastically improve your overall batting average when tackled right.

1. Add Baseball Bat Grip Tape
A bat’s built-in grip is easy to wear down over time. When that happens, you need to act fast because, without it, you may not have proper control over your bat, as your hands are slipping and sliding all over the place!

Try applying baseball bat grip tape over the top of your bat’s overworked grip. It’s easy to apply, stays in place, and provides you and your hands with that much-needed connection with your bat!

2. Try Using a Taper
Batters undoubtedly fear getting hit by a pitch the most in the batter’s box, but yet another dreaded potential pain is the reverberation felt from an off-hit on your bat. The stinging is so uncomfortable sometimes that the thought alone is causing this writer to shudder!

By sliding a taper on your grip, you drastically reduce those uncomfortable and even painful vibrations on your hands. Tapers sit snuggly against the knob and “taper” off far before reaching the middle of the grip.

3. Wear Batting Gloves
One of the most classic ways of obtaining optimal control over your bat is by wearing batting gloves. These fit cozily on your hands, allow excellent airflow, have extra padding in just the right places, and drastically increase your grip on your bat.

Plus, they even assist in keeping your hands clean during gameplay and protecting them from dirt, mud, and stones. What’s really not to love?

4. Try Adding Some Tack Spray
Admittedly, some people don’t like wearing extra gloves on their hands, adding more tape to their bat, or even using a taper. It can make them feel like they lack that direct connection with their bat.

To each their own, as they say, but then how do you increase your grip on the bat, which is so important for your offensive game? You can try adding some tack spray to your bat grip and even your hands instead. Improved grip is attained as swift as a spritz!

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