4 Reasons to Use Touchless Toilet Flush in Your Commercial Restrooms

In all types of commercial buildings, touchless restrooms are a common sight. From touchless toilet flush to hands-free faucets, these smart restroom fixtures give value not seen in typical products.

Before the pandemic, touchless faucets were already becoming increasingly popular in business restrooms. Now, they’re in high demand.

Continue reading and learn why touchless bathroom design is more than just a fad and why you should go touchless now.

1. Safety & Sanitation
Thousands of bacteria are released when a toilet is flushed. To name a few, E. coli, hepatitis C, and the influenza virus are all dispersed into the air and onto floors, partitions, walls, worktops, fixtures, and everywhere within floating distance. These germs multiply by the minute. So when you touch these germs-laden surfaces, there’s a high chance of you getting these bacteria into your system and becoming sick because of it.

By using touchless restroom fixtures, this problem can be minimized if not totally avoided.

If your restroom users don’t have to touch anything, you’d be providing them with a safer and healthier public restroom experience.

2. Water Usage Reduction
Restrooms with auto-flush toilets are more efficient. Likewise, automatic urinals save significantly more water than traditional toilets.

So, because they are designed to supply the exact amount of water at the right time, they greatly reduce waste.

Newer models and premium toilet brands also come with a powerful flush to help you save water. There are also automatic toilets with a dual flush which uses less water.

3. Cost Reduction
Costs are naturally reduced when waste is reduced. Less flush volume results in a natural cost reduction over time.

Touchless features are also the most technologically advanced features in restrooms to date, so they are less likely to require costly maintenance.

Also, because they don’t receive any kind of handling, they are less prone to abuse. Restroom visitors are notorious for being rough on the fixtures. It’s not uncommon for people to kick the toilet lever, for example.

They are not subjected to the same wear and tear as traditional fixtures, so auto-flush toilets frequently last longer. The parts of the equipment are also handled by fewer persons, so they do not need to be replaced as frequently.

The simplicity of design and functionality of a touchless bathroom will help reduce the need to repair or replace their parts.

4. Convenience
A restroom visitor’s experience is also enhanced with a touchless restroom. Touchless toilets offer convenience to users because instead of fumbling with levers, the most you would do with touchless toilets is to place your hands in front of a sensor.

This is a fantastic alternative for busy people, as well as young children and senior citizens with arthritis.

Toilets with automatic flushing are also especially perfect for high-traffic toilets, such as those found in concert halls and shopping malls. Less time spent in the bathroom means shorter queues and a faster turnaround.

These are just some of the best reasons why you should consider going touchless in your commercial restrooms. If you’re doing a complete renovation, you may replace all your old fixtures with new hands-free models.

Some brands, like Sloan, for example, offer toilet retrofitting for manual equipment. This way, because you only have to replace a few parts, you can upgrade to an automatic model, without spending a lot. They are easy to install and require less maintenance.

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