4 Tips to Make Your Wilson A2000 Go the Distance

Since the introduction of the Wilson A2000 in 1957, it has changed the game. The iconic A2000 series feature Pro Stock Leather and consistently improving designs. Modern A2000 fielding gloves feature a merger between synthetic materials and classic leather styling – but one thing remains constant. These are some of the best gloves in the game.

The best gloves in the game, however, demand some care and attention – and not improvised hacks for care and conditioning. Keep your A200 in fighting shape with these tidbits of wisdom garnered from players.

1. Do NOT microwave your glove or submerge it in hot water
If you get a new Wilson A2000 glove, do not – read that again, DO NOT – under any circumstances, microwave it.

That’s an old trick that some players use to “soften” the leather on their gloves while breaking them in. But guess what – it doesn’t break in the glove. It just breaks down the leather. Congratulations, your brand new A2000 glove (which cost you several hundred dollars) is now garbage.

Also, do not under any circumstances drop it in hot water or boil it. That, like microwaving it, will destroy the leather quicker than you can say “Wilson Sports.”

2. Treat it with a leather conditioner periodically or as needed (before it cracks!)
Speaking of leather falling apart at the proverbial seams, you need to make sure you periodically condition your leather to keep it soft and supple.

There are special glove conditioners you can buy that you can apply to leather, although a combination of neatsfoot oil and beeswax works just as well. So does mink oil.

Leather conditioner helps keep leather from drying out too much, at which point it will lose flexibility and start to crack. At that point, there’s nothing you can do to bring it back.

One word to the wise – do not overapply, as this will hasten oxidation. A light coat is all that’s needed from time to time.

3. Keep it dry (and never try to dry it out quickly)
Playing in the rain is one thing, but you should make sure you never drop your glove in water and keep it out of the wet grass.

Getting your glove wet puts it at risk of drying out too quickly, which if it happens, can spell doom for the leather and laces. Get them wet and let them dry out too fast, and they’re going to crack.

4. Protect the inside (wear a batting glove)
This is an interesting one that not too many people know about. Your hand’s oils and sweat can also damage leather, so on the hottest of days, in the field or in practice, it’s actually a good idea to wear a liner glove inside of your fielding glove to protect it.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; a plain batting glove will do. You just need a barrier to protect the fielding glove from perspiration. That will help keep the leather from breaking down.

And, it’s not a huge deal, but every little bit counts.

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