4 Ways Bigcommerce SEO Expert Can Fire Up Your Business

SEO is critical to the success of any BigCommerce business, not only because it can help you expand your online visibility and reach, but also because it can help you increase sales by driving more traffic to your site, and giving you more opportunities to convert leads into customers.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the eCommerce SEO—or lack of— on your site, or if you’ve noticed that your online store is falling behind your competition or isn’t generating the sales you need, it’s time to hire a BigCommerce SEO expert.

Hiring a BigCommerce SEO professional can assist you in developing a solid digital marketing strategy and increasing traffic to your BigCommerce website.

Here are 4 ways having an SEO team can help you boost your business.

Improve your website’s architecture
The links within your website that connect your pages are known as website navigation links or internal link architecture. The basic goal of website navigation is to make it easy for users to find information on your site.

Search engines also use the navigation on your website to find and index new pages. Links help search engines determine the content and context of the page.

When done correctly, website navigation benefits both your users and your SEO performance.

Good website navigation helps both your visitors and search engines to find what they’re looking for in your website. This results in more conversions and search increased visibility.

Enhance your page speed
Page speed refers to how fast or slow a page in your website loads. How fast it loads is typically influenced by server quality, file sizes, picture compression, and more.

An SEO agency can address page optimizations that affect your page speed, such as those mentioned above. If your page loads fast, your page will rank higher in Google. Google puts importance on page speed because it is often an indication of a site’s quality which can result in a good user experience.

Optimize product descriptions
Your product description will get the most SEO traction if your target audience finds it helpful. This is because Google keeps track of how long visitors stay on your site and whether or not they return to the search results. So, if you have helpful, clear, conversion-focused content, Google will notice and reward you.

In short, the goal of creating a product description is to deliver relevant information to the buyer. Getting your product descriptions just right might take a long time and will definitely take a lot of editing. Having a BigCommerce SEO agency will come in handy in situations like this. They can make sure your product description pages are always optimized.

Refine your keywords
Keywords should be at the heart of your BigCommerce website’s content because they satisfy the needs of your searchers and connect you with them.

BigCommerce SEO professionals not only can do thorough keyword research but also build a comprehensive keyword strategy that specifies how and where keywords and phrases will be used to create and refine content across your website.

Start Your BigCommerce SEO Campaign Now!
When building a successful SEO plan, you should think about things like enhancing your website architecture, increasing your web pages’ speed, optimizing your product descriptions, and refining your keywords. To get actual results, you’re going to have to hire a BigCommerce SEO expert who understands how to implement these strategies and who knows how to navigate the BigCommerce platform.

It takes skilled SEO professionals to make SEO work for you. If you want your BigCommerce store to reach the level of success that you want it to, visit Genius eCommerce® and check out their BigCommerce SEO services. They have a team of BigCommerce SEO specialists who can help you power up your business and achieve your goals faster.

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