4 Weirdest Cyberpunk 2077 Side Quests

Since its release, Cyberpunk 77 has been mired in controversy, especially around performance issues and the fact that, for being a AAA game, the title felt unfinished. However, there is a lot to like about the game, especially if you’re a fan of the cyberpunk genre. The best solution to the problems that still plague the game is to get yourself a high-end rig through a trusted online gaming PC builder. Trust me, that will fix all your problems.

One of the things that makes Cyberpunk 2077 so interesting is the wealth of side quests available to players. While some of these are your typical “fetch quest” fare, others are truly bizarre and unique. Here are five of the weirdest side quests we’ve come across so far.

Murk Man Returns Again Once More Forever
This weird mission can be accessed right after completing Ghost Town and it gives you access to a really cool black Rayfield Caliburn. Right after you complete Ghost town, return to the tunnel where you solved a disagreement with Panam, and you will find the fastest car in the game parked inside a shipping container. The problem is it belongs to Murk Man, a bloodthirsty and filthy rich vigilante whose parents were murdered and now fights crime in Night City. So, it’s basically the Batmobile, and will now obey your commands.

Chippin´ In
Here, the term “side quest” is being used loosely, as completing this mission is the only way to unlock one of the many endings in the game. Before the mission starts, you are treated to a long cut scene where Johnny takes control of V´s body and does all kinds of shenanigans, which includes getting wasted, running off with a stripper, and getting V to a tattoo parlor for immortalizing himself on V´s skin.

Coin-Operated Boy
You encounter a sentient AI-operated machine named Brendan. The machine was supposed to learn what its customers like and help them make better choices. However, Brendan soon used his abilities to learn about its customers´ personal lives and serve as a counselor. The quest starts when you go and visit Brendan´s spot only to find the vending machine missing and his best friend crying inconsolably about his fate.

Machine Gun
Cyberpunk 2077 could not let the opportunity of introducing an annoying AI inside a gun go to waste. In a way, this has been already done in games like Borderlands and even Baldur’s Gate 2. But Cyberpunk gives this trope a twist. The gun itself is pretty good. You first need to decide which mode you want to use: Puppy-Loving Pacifist or Stone Cold Killer. You can already guess which one you would like. However, Skippy will only allow you to use that mode until you get fifty deaths with it and then change to the other mode permanently. So, if you want the powerful Stone Cold Killer mode, you have to endure his antics until you get 50 deaths by only being able to shoot baddies in the knee.

Of course, there are more side quests out there that provide a ton of weird and exciting in-game moments. If you want to fully experience all the adrenaline and weirdness Cyberpunk 2077 brings to the table, you will need a lot of power under your computer’s hood. We recommend you visit CLX gaming. Their online gaming PC builder is the easiest way to get a powerful gaming PC for the best price, and guarantee it works like a charm from the get go.

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