5 Must-know Academic Search Engines to Write Dissertation


With the rise in digitalisation, scholars nowadays look for a time-saving technique to complete their tasks. Today with the availability of different online sources, students believe in doing smart work. Moreover, dissertation help professionals think fresher nowadays search for additional resources other than academic textbooks. Thus, before starting the project, the first thing that comes to the scholar’s mind is to check google chrome. It will list out the relevant content in a related field. 

While Google is a handful of software to extract basic ideas. Yet it is quite inadequate for a long form of research such as a dissertation. As you have to filter endless clickbait to find authentic results. Surely, Google is dominating the markets and for appropriate reasons. Unfortunately, Its user-friendly features do not include 100% accuracy. Moreover, to complete research faster the classic database is not sufficient. But fresher need to conduct thorough research to create a substantial dissertation. Thus, students are on the lookout for unique ways to outsource data. Thus, according to the dissertation help experts assemble relevant data and look for other browser options. 

Irrespective of the topic the suggested scholar engines will generate a mass of high-quality sites. These academic engines will sort the research requirements. But if you will still face issues during the creative writing process. In such as scenario, avail of any leading assignment writing service. Look for a which is a one-stop solution to project writing requirements. Besides, several academic writers offer personalised orders made from scratch. They are usually rich in creative information with a high level of credibility.

However, if you want to simplify the data-gathering process and aim to get an edge over competitors. Don’t hesitate to look out the inspiration in unfamiliar places. Thus, embark on the next research journey from the list of academic search engines by dissertation help experts mentioned below:

Google Scholar

Google is one of the household faces in this technical era. The user-intuitive designs with hundreds of results make it a trustable platform. Yet the information available on google is not accurate which is quite the backdrop. Thus, scholars are doubtful of the relevancy factor and n have to filter a lot of data to maintain accuracy. Thus, to avoid last-minute hassles use google scholar. This tool gives instant access to a variety of academic resources on the internet. 

It is a one-way solution to hunt relevant data from prominent journals and a few other creditable sources. Moreover, it is an extension of google chrome as it follows a similar algorithm. But you can differentiate both in terms of the data indexing procedure. This innovative browser spiders and only authentic literature develops with the right publishing format. 


The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine is titled a voluminous academic site, especially in literature. It is hosted at Bielefeld University in Germany. The web engine prides itself on sourcing 4000 sites with millions of results accessible. It covers trending fields such as arts, humanities, and social sciences. Moreover, its advanced search option assists in segregating the precise data that you want. 

Also, BASE provide relevant information in a variety of format i.e book, review, lecture, and video. You can also find additional related data similar to your research query. Another huge benefit is you can export the data in many styles. As every technology comes with a few pros and cons same is the case with this helpful tool. Thus, you would not find the abstract for articles with the exclusion of cited sources.

Microsoft Academic

This top academic search engine is an extension of Microsoft Research. It is one of the top altercations providing open access to technical writeups. It only provides highly optimised results during the research process. The algorithm here is a semantic search. It will showcase the results based on the actual user interpretation. Thus, it does not just rely on the searched keyword. Moreover, most of the searcher queries here are identified as entities. Thus, it utilises smart concepts to show data in an organised format. 

Therefore, it provides the author free access to popular publications with proper citations. It allows the students to analyse the searched data for relevancy factors. Additional benefits include the availability of full-text PdF Link. You can also find related articles in your subjective field. The only drawback of this software is there are no references included in the available data.

The above list provides options for scientific research for a dissertation. The useful tools will help scholars acquire the most credible information. Moreover, with the rise in the scope of the research sites. Explore these different sites and select the ones that suit your academic objectives. 

Hence, with so much information available in just a few clicks. Try to conduct an effective online search. After initial resourcing pulling out the apt search will become second nature. It will save you time and energy going through the basic searches. Use the tools that will surely aid in maintaining academic standards. 

But if you still lack the basic research techniques, reach out to the right dissertation help online services. These game-changing services provide top-quality assignments. You can entrust this specialist with their vast expertise to curate error-free projects. So keep an open mind and explore the different academic services available online. Contact the services that suit your requirements. These assignment writing service aid in first-class projects and cover all academic benchmarks. Moreover, you will be able to track weaknesses during writing. This performance analysis will help you smoothly transform writing techniques for better grades. 

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