5 Bat Accessories You Need to Extend Your Bat’s Life

Is there anything quite like playing baseball or softball? The dirt, the grass, the strikeouts, the line drives, the pop-flys, the home runs… We could go on and on about what we love about the game, but you undoubtedly already know.

While it’s so easy to love playing these sports, it’s not so easy to show our pieces of equipment the love they need. We so often throw our bats after hitting the ball, toss our helmets into the dugout, and not-so-delicately place everything into our roughed-up bat bag.

Listen up: it’s time to stop all that and to take better care of your equipment. Do you really want to keep shelling out the dough to constantly replace them? The numerous pieces of equipment you need to play are expensive, especially your bat. Bats could cost you as much as a couple hundred dollars!

Let’s talk bat accessories that you need in your bat bag starting today so that you can stop spending so much on the replacement equipment you don’t need and extend the life of your precious and pricey bat (and even improve your offensive performance, too).

1. Bat Grip
The twisting, turning, grabbing, aggressively holding– your bat grip sure does take a lot of heat. When you notice your grip is losing its, well, grip (which can happen fast), you can tack on some bat grip tape over top of it. This tape will keep it serving you for a long time coming and even improve your control over your bat (the cool designs aren’t so bad, either!).

2. Tack Spray
Not interested in adding a bat grip tape to your bat but do want to try something to your decaying bat grip? Try tack spray, which can easily be sprayed onto your bat– or any surface that requires more grip, even your already grippy batting gloves– to improve your hold on the bat. Added bonus: it won’t injure your bat so you can keep swinging it even after its grip is long gone.

3. Bat Sleeve
Every time you contact the ball, you are decreasing the life expectancy of your beloved bat. However, by sliding on a bat sleeve over its barrel, you can combat that issue. A high-quality bat sleeve can be used during gameplay and protects your bat from dings, scratches, and anything else that comes in contact with it.

4. Bat Taper
Adding a bat taper to your bat serves both you and your bat well. By sliding one of these over your bat’s knob and placing it at the bottom of the grip, you can greatly reduce stress on your palms and fingers along with increasing your bat control. It’s also an excellent way to protect your bat’s grip from any damage from your hands or outside materials.

5. Storage Sleeve with a Fence Clip
It’s no secret that bats tend to take a beating in the dugout. Bats are clustered near the fence opening, oftentimes being banged against each other and– we hate to say it– even thrown on the ground and in the mud.

Whether your team supplies you with a bat hanging setup or not, you should have your own. That’s why we recommend getting a storage sleeve for your bat that comes with a fence clip. You can keep your bat snug in its own sleeve while it hangs from the fence.

Not only will that fence clip come in handy but so will that storage sleeve! It will protect your bat from plenty of undesirables, like wind, rain, snow, hail, dirt, mud, grass, cold temperatures, and hot temperatures– both outside and inside your bag! Trust us: this is mandatory if you really want to keep your bat alive longer!

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