5 Best Indoor Training Tools for Baseball Players

Just because it has gotten cold outside or the weather conditions aren’t ideal, that doesn’t mean you can’t still hone your baseball skills. You can do so in an indoor location, such as a gymnasium or a sports complex, and do it efficiently.

However, there are certain pieces of equipment that you should bring with you indoors (and some you can’t, such as your beloved outdoor cleats) in order to best utilize the smaller space to your advantage. Let’s take a look at the five best indoor baseball training tools so you can perfect your skills and better prepare yourself for outdoor season.

1. Smushballs for Baseball
Because of the hardness of baseballs and the speed at which they are driven and thrown, many gyms may not care for their utilization in their premises– and even downright ban them. This is because they can be especially damaging to various aspects of the gym. Therefore, you should opt to use different balls while practicing, such as Smushballs.

Smushballs for baseball players are ideal tools to use for various reasons:

● Popular for being a 10,000 hit practice ball

● Great ball to use indoors and outdoors

● More affordable option

●Can be used against fences outdoors or even walls and floors indoors without the need for a net, as they won’t cause irreparable damage

●Can be effectively used against tees and with other training materials for batting practice

Using smushballs will provide you with optimal training equipment without damaging your precious indoor space.

2. Hitting Net Whether you are using smushballs or not, the use of a hitting net can provide you with an unparalleled training element. This is because, while they aren’t necessary for protecting the gym from harm when using smushballs, they are helpful in collecting all the balls you hit in one convenient place. Plus, many of them have a square in the center to give you a better idea as to where you’re hitting the ball.

3. Infield Training Glove It’s no secret that one of the main defensive issues is successfully fielding hard-hit balls, whether they be pop-flys or dribbling ground balls. In order to improve on your infield play, you need to practice, practice, practice.

Fortunately, you can do that during indoor season, but you can more so improve your fielding with the help of an infield training glove. These look similar to baseball gloves, but are far more rigid and lack the ability for players to squeeze the webbing closed.

That way, players are more focused on getting the ball and perfecting their overall mechanics rather than relying on the glove to field the ball.

4. Pocket Radar Reader When you are a baseball coach or trainer, you know just how often you require a speed radar to properly gauge the speed the baseball is thrown. That is why there should be a speed gun radar involved in your indoor training.

However, we recommend the use of the Pocket Radar, as it’s exceptionally accurate, practical, and even has an app with various statistics and even video sharing capabilities that allow you to keep your player in the know about their own progress.

5. Weighted Training Bat When looking to drastically improve the speed of your swing, you should opt for a weighted training bat or even a bat weight to slide onto your own bat’s barrel. When you practice swinging with this heavier weight, your swing will only drastically improve in its speed– which you certainly need when facing those fast pitches in the batter’s box!

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