5 Cool Musical Games Like Tiles Hop That Are Fun


If you’re the type of person who enjoys playing games while listening to music, then you’ll love musical tile games. One well-known game of this genre is Tiles Hop: EDM Rush. The ball in Tiles Hop hops according to the tune. Do you agree that a game’s soundtrack and sound effects are essential? Indeed, the tunes are the game’s calling card in Tiles Hop. You’ll enjoy an out-of-this-world musical experience thanks to the game’s inclusion of numerous amazing tunes.

Tiles Hop is only one of many similar arcade games available now. Each has its own special challenges and pleasures. If you’re a lover of games like these, you can rest assured; we’ve compiled a list of five alternatives that will have you tapping your feet to the beat all day, every day.

Having a good time need not be difficult or taxing. There are moments when you just have to let yourself go and groove. If you’re interested in other musical tile games, feel free to peruse the list below and then download the one of your choosing directly to your PC by clicking on its respective link.


There was a sequel released to Don’t Hit the White Tiles! and it’s called Piano Tiles 2. New music, improved visuals, a more aesthetically pleasing play style, and additional gameplay options are all part of this release. Piano Tiles 2 adds a new level of difficulty by allowing you to compete against Facebook friends and even complete strangers. You won’t have to worry about any hiccups or delays in the action thanks to the game’s low latency and quick reaction.


In Dancing Road: Color Ball Run, you must roll and jive to the beat of the music. Aim to guide your ball along a path populated by others of the same color to score points.

Marvel at the gorgeous background, which was inspired by the stars in the sky, as you roll along. This game nails the look and feel of outer space. It’s a test of your hand-eye coordination, so focus your attention on the game and play methodically to progress through the levels and rack up the high scores needed to unlock bonus content.


When it was released in 2010, Magic Tiles 3 immediately became one of the most anticipated musical tiles games ever. Millions of people downloaded it soon after its release. There’s great music available for free that will have your toes tapping, and if you have the cash, you can buy even more.

Now in its third iteration, Magic Tiles 3 improves upon its predecessors in every way. The casual rhythm game has already become a phenomenon, and it plans to build on that success. You’ll keep coming back for more of the straightforward yet hard gameplay. Check out other games like slope unblocked.


The FNF Music Battle Game’s modes range from the elementary to the complex. You can toggle between an easy and hard mode if you want to increase the difficulty and test your mettle. It’s recommended that you start out on the easier levels to build up your skills before tackling the harder ones. You’ll learn the ropes of arrow-shooting by the time you finish the game. Gold coins are used to purchase songs, and there are more of them if you progress through the game. Initially, the game’s levels are rather easy because you only have to deal with a small number of arrows. However, as you go through the game, the levels will become increasingly challenging as you will have to shoot more arrows at a greater rate of speed.


If you’re a fan of the KPop boy band BTS, you’re in luck: the whole discography of the group’s music can be found in this game. To get a high score while listening to your favorite BTS song, simply push the button that corresponds with the icons. The game features hundreds of collectible things, such as digital cards, that may be obtained and used to improve your performance. SuperStar BTS is not just about musical talent, but about becoming the best.

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