5 Good Reasons to Keep an AR 15 Parts Kit on Hand

The vast majority of people looking for AR 15 parts kits right now are looking for a kit to help them complete a home build. In all likelihood, you are too.

But we’re going to introduce something interesting. We think you should keep an AR 15 parts kit on hand, even if you don’t go through with the project – at least if you already have an AR 15 or another sporting rifle like an AR 10 that shares a number of interchangeable parts.

Even if you don’t build that new rifle, the parts kit will contain a number of highly valuable spares that you can use on your current rifle instead of visiting the gunsmith when you lose or break them.

Extractors are a small, fragile piece of hardware and a common failure point on many autoloading platforms. Truth be told, they fail on too many repeaters, too, which really frustrates the efficient operation of the gun.

But the real problem is with semi-automatic platforms, where a broken extractor or a fatigued extractor spring will really hobble the operation of the action.

It’s a relatively small fix, but with the included extractors and springs of your kit you can fix your current AR-15’s extractors if they ever break, instead of going to the gunsmith.

Firing Pin
Firing pins are more likely to break even than extractors. In fact, after so many thousand rounds, a firing pin is as like as not to fail.

You can pull the spare out of the bolt carrier group that comes with your parts kit and drop it into your AR platform to restore it to a firing condition. Just be sure to replace it after you use it.

Gas Rings (or Just the whole BCG)
Aside from the firing pin and extractors, the next most likely parts to start to wear in an AR-15’s bolt carrier group are the gas rings.

These help to create a seal so that the gas impingement system can complete the cycling of the rifle. When yours start to wear down, you can substitute the entire BCG with the new one from your kit, provided it contained one.

Roll Pins and Springs
AR-15 lower and upper receivers and the AR-15 parts they contain are largely secured with a number of very small roll pins, springs, and detents, of which your kit will have spares, and likely one of each.

Luckily, the only realistic time you’ll lose one of these is during disassembly or maintenance – but it’s good to have spares on hand anyway.

Put 10,000 rounds of 5.56 NATO downrange and you’ll have carried enough of the rifling’s lands with that volume of shooting that your groups will start to wander around the target.

The only solution is to replace the barrel – well, if your parts kit came with one, that won’t be too hard – and then you can restore accuracy.

Where to Find AR 15 Parts Kits
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